Simplifying Access to Digital Movies

Oct. 15, 2014

Child on tablet

When I was a kid, I watched movies either in theaters or on the couch in front of the TV. But in recent years, the way we watch movies has changed dramatically. We stream the latest releases from a computer…kids watch from a tablet on road trips…and some even watch from their phones on the airplane.

For movie lovers, one of the biggest challenges can be finding a way to watch your favorite titles on all your devices – from the DVD or Blu-ray in your living room to your tablet on the train. That’s why Walmart and VUDU developed a new, simpler way for you to access the digital copy of movies you buy at Walmart – the beta launch of InstaWatch.

You may be thinking, “our movies already came with digital copies, right?” Well, here’s the deal. While we’ve sold digital copies with DVDs and Blu-rays for years, we heard that very few customers redeemed their digital movies.

How does InstaWatch work? 

InstaWatch VUDU infographic

The ease of how InstaWatch works is what I’m most excited about.

  • Open the Walmart mobile app and go to Savings Catcher. Scan the receipt from your purchase or enter the receipt number.
  • Sign in to your existing VUDU account or create a new VUDU account.
  • Within minutes, a mobile or email notification will confirm your digital movie is ready to watch on VUDU.

It’s that easy.
Walmart acquired VUDU, a digital entertainment service based in Silicon Valley, several years ago and ever since, we’ve been working to integrate physical and digital movie collections for our customers. This is the next step, and the right direction as we work to increase the value of your movie purchases.