Walmart's sustainability efforts aim to source responsibly and create inclusive economic opportunities. We believe it is the responsibility of business to respect human rights, and we aspire to use our capabilities and influence to bring about positive change at scale. To promote human dignity, we’ve committed to help make responsible recruitment standard business practice by around 2026.

Our sustainability efforts focus on sourcing responsibly, helping prevent forced labor, promoting the dignity of women, creating inclusive economic opportunity and selling safer, healthier products.

For example, in India, Mexico and Central America, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation support initiatives that strive to remove systemic barriers to market access for smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs. Walmart sources from smallholder farmers, connects them to markets and helps make their farms more resilient. In southeast Asia, through our philanthropy, we have worked with others to combat forced labor, including supporting NGOs to make responsible recruitment the norm and bring traffickers to justice.

Through our America at Work initiative, we continue to invest in products that support the creation of American jobs. In FY2023, we satisfied our commitment to invest an incremental $250 billion over our FY2013 purchases on products made, grown, or assembled in the United States before 2023. Additionally, in March 2021 Walmart committed to invest an incremental $350 billion over our FY2021 purchases on products made, grown or assembled in the United States over 10 years. As of the end of FY2023, we have increased cumulative receipts by $47 billion towards that goal.

People in Supply Chains

We aim to source responsibly while acting as a catalyst of positive transformation for the well-being of people working in consumer product supply chains, working with others to realize the economic promise of supply chains and to help address specific systemic risks.

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Responsible Sourcing

We respect human rights. Given Walmart’s size and international footprint, we have an opportunity to improve supply chain conditions and bring about positive change at scale. From analyzing issues to find root-cause solutions to embedding responsible sourcing practices into buying decisions, we’re working with others to help prevent forced labor, address unsafe working conditions and promote the dignity of women.

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