Creating More Opportunities for Data-Driven Supplier Growth at Walmart

April 17, 2024

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Walmart Luminate and Walmart Connect help our suppliers create more meaningful connections with our customers by tapping into Walmart’s unparalleled omnichannel insights – 90% of American households shop with Walmart every year, and nearly 144 million customers shop with Walmart online and in-store weekly.

Our suppliers are increasingly discovering the impact of Walmart Luminate’s insights to inform everything from product development to retail strategies. But we've also seen the value of applying these proprietary insights to suppliers’ media strategies and activations – on top of Walmart Connect’s industry-leading audience solutions – after a successful pilot last year.

That’s why we’re now making it easier for suppliers to combine Walmart Luminate’s insights with Walmart Connect’s closed-loop, omnichannel retail media solutions. The Walmart Luminate Insights Activation is a new self-serve integration with Walmart Connect, complementing its existing advanced targeting with the power of Walmart Luminate insights – helping to drive product, brand and category sales. This is the first time we’re bringing these two solutions together, creating more cohesion between both offerings and helping our suppliers create more relevant shopping experiences for our customers.

For suppliers, this means being able to identify trends within critical categories to develop more informed, data-driven media strategies based on Walmart’s insights. Imagine being able to identify that a certain segment of a supplier’s customer base is trading down, while another is purchasing less frequently – then being able to understand the characteristics of each of those segments and target them with custom messaging that drives better outcomes.

Bimbo Bakeries USA effectively used Walmart Luminate data to identify key customer trends and invested with Walmart Connect to reach those customers in a more relevant way, driving sales for their business.

"As a company that is steered by data, Bimbo Bakeries incorporates data into every facet of our business. Through the pilot program involving Walmart Connect and Walmart Luminate, we were able to identify a business issue and then utilize purchase-based data to accurately target our audience, ensuring a successful omnichannel experience,” said Jeff Hendrix, the vice president of customer teams for Walmart and Sam’s Club at Bimbo Bakeries USA. "This powerful combination has led to enhanced consumer engagement and media outcomes that outperform category benchmarks."

The Walmart Luminate Insights Activation for Walmart Connect is scheduled to release to all Walmart Luminate Charter subscribers before the end of the year to ensure advertisers can capture holiday sales data and inform their 2025 planning. These suppliers will be able to power their Display campaigns with Walmart Luminate-sourced audiences, and so will their agencies and partners through the integration.

Walmart Connect is already known for its advanced targeting and measurement solutions, powered by Walmart’s unparalleled first-party insights. Now, as marketers prepare for signal losses, the addition of Walmart Luminate audience insights will give brands even more precision to accelerate their growth.