Walmart Launches a New Innovation in Private Brands

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At Walmart, we take pride in continuously evolving our assortment to offer a broad selection of products that meet customers’ changing needs. We know our customers are seeking more sustainable products and packaging options without sacrificing quality or convenience. That’s why today, we’re excited to launch Great Value Compostable Cutlery, Walmart’s 100% commercially compostable private brand cutlery, made in the U.S. This innovation offers an alternative to single-use plastics, popular during celebrations, helping make the more sustainable choice an affordable one for our customers. 

Walmart’s Scott Morris, SVP of food and consumables, private brand manufacturing, and Jennifer R. Jackson, SVP of merchandising, household essentials, sat down to discuss this innovation within Walmart’s private brand portfolio and why we’re excited about offering this to our customers. 

Scott: Jennifer, tell us more about Walmart’s new Great Value Compostable Cutlery. 

Jennifer: We’re excited to launch Walmart’s 100% commercially compostable, private brand cutlery under Walmart’s Great Value brand, made in the U.S. This launch is a great example of our commitment to continue offering products that respond to customer preferences, while delivering tremendous value and convenience. Starting today, the assortment can be found in 1,400 Walmart stores nationwide and online, offering 24- and 48-count packs of commercially compostable forks, knives, spoons and assorted cutlery. We hope to expand the product to additional stores in the coming future.

As we continue to embed regeneration across our enterprise our Great Value Compostable Cutlery is a clear alternative to single-use plastics. There’s a perception that more sustainable options cost significantly more, which presents a barrier for customers looking to save money on choices that are good for them, as well as the environment. With Great Value Compostable Cutlery, we now offer a more sustainable alternative at our Every Day Low Prices. The 24-count packs will be available for just $1.48, our entry price point for cutlery, while the 48-count pack is available for only $2.96. 

Jennifer: Scott, can you speak to how Great Value Compostable Cutlery compares to plastic cutlery assortments on the market?

Scott: Walmart's Great Value Compostable Cutlery is made from commercially compostable raw materials thereby offering the same great quality to customers at a competitive price – all while offering an opportunity to reduce the amount of waste generated by single-use plastic items. It is also highly durable as it is made with elasticity that allows it to bend when pressure is applied. And critically important, unlike plastic cutlery, these items can disintegrate in commercial facilities over 26 weeks, making it the better choice for the environment.

Besides the technical aspects of this line, this launch is well aligned with Walmart’s purpose to help people save money and live better. As you mentioned Jennifer, this is a great example of how we are leveraging private brand innovation to offer more sustainable products, priced even lower than many plastic cutlery assortments currently on the market. 

Jennifer: That’s significant – can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this innovation and what makes it unique? 

Scott: Our private brands offer customers quality choices while saving them money. Great Value Compostable Cutlery is certified by BPI, the leading authority on compostable products and packaging in North America and is commercially compostable through industrial composting facilities. 

Furthermore, through Walmart's $350 billion investment in strengthening U.S. manufacturing, we are proud to work with beyondGREEN, a certified minority-owned U.S.-based business. BeyondGREEN will produce our Great Value Compostable Cutlery right here in the United States.  

Scott: Jennifer, you’ve been deeply involved in our collaboration with beyondGREEN – can you tell us how it all came to life? 

Jennifer: Like many great product stories at Walmart, beyondGREEN was discovered at Walmart's 2022 Open Call, an annual event we have hosted now for a decade to provide hundreds of small business owners and suppliers that sell products made, grown or assembled in the U.S. an opportunity to pitch their products to Walmart. While beyondGREEN showcased unique, sustainable grocery and waste bags that were made in the U.S., the discussion quickly evolved into a collaboration to manufacture commercially compostable cutlery. The founders Veejay, Rudy and Achyut Patel share our aspiration to identify ways to help reduce plastic use while making more sustainable choices more accessible. 

Our partnership with beyondGREEN advances our sustainability efforts, invests in American jobs and supports inclusive economic opportunities for suppliers. In fact, the company recently opened a manufacturing facility in San Antonio, Texas to help produce Great Value Compostable Cutlery for Walmart at scale, increasing Walmart's annual spend on products made, grown or assembled in the U.S. BeyondGREEN has indicated that its investment in the San Antonio community will infuse millions of dollars into the local economy and support the creation of more than 100 jobs over the next two years. We recently had an opportunity to celebrate their efforts to invest in U.S. manufacturing during an event at their San Antonio facility. It was wonderful to meet with the beyondGREEN team and see the positive impact they are making in their community.

Jennifer: Scott, any final takeaways from this exciting launch?

Scott: As Walmart CEO Doug McMillon describes it, our job is to design the path of least resistance as the one that’s more sustainable and regenerative. That means removing barriers and friction. We’re doing exactly that with Great Value Compostable Cutlery, which can help reduce our impact on the environment, is good for U.S. manufacturing and offers customers a durable, quality and affordable single-use option. I’m proud of the team for their hard work in exemplifying how we continue to innovate to make the everyday choice the more sustainable choice for Walmart customers. 

Jennifer: I couldn’t agree more. This is an important launch for both Walmart and our customers. Great Value Compostable Cutlery is not only a significant innovation within our private brand portfolio, but it also aligns with values our customers care about. We’re excited to continue to innovate within our private brands and offer new, quality products at the Every Day Low Prices our customers rely on.