Made in America: The Unsung Heroes of the Big Game

Feb. 7, 2023

2 Min. Read
Unsung Heroes - Big Party

You wake up to the sweet sound of a mid-February lawnmowing. Usually, this would be preposterous. But not today. Today’s different: It’s game day. Friendships will be tested, whole cohorts will hear Rihanna for the first time, ad recall will be higher than any other day in recorded history. But that’s all expected.

What about the unsung heroes of the Big Game? What about the things we take for granted? At Walmart, we’re giving those items their due. Made in the USA for a uniquely American spectacle. Here are the highlights, with no need for an on-field review.

Great Value 500-Count Napkins: If you like staying clean while eating wings, we’ve got just the thing. Our Great Value 500 Count Napkins are made all across the U.S., from Pryor, Oklahoma, through Eau Claire, Wisconsin and into Scappoose, Oregon. The manufacture supports 741 American jobs! Keep a few on hand and you can obscure how many wings you’ve eaten – faking out the whole party like you came out of halftime and led with an onside kick that would lift you to victory over a Colts team widely favored to win it all.

Great Value 18 oz. Red Cup: There may be no other item on this list with the cultural influence of a red plastic cup. Confidence inspiring and timeless, our Great Value 18-Ounce Red Cups are manufactured in Huntersville, North Carolina and support 625 American jobs. Plus, they’ll catch anything you need, like David Tyree and his helmet in the final two minutes.

Great Value Ultra 10-Inch Paper Plate 50 Count: These aren’t normal paper plates. These are ultra paper plates. They’re made in Fort Smith, Arkansas, to withstand a mountain of nachos or a piece of pizza a Chicagoan would be proud of. The manufacture of these mini mavericks supports 425 American jobs and runs through food all night, like Bo Jackson taking it 91 yards against Oakland then heading straight out the back of the endzone into the tunnel. Ambitious.

Great Value Strong Flex 13-Gallon Drawstring Tall Kitchen Trash Bags in Citrus Burst: With a pleasing scent and capacity for the whole mess you made, the Great Value trash bag might be the most heroic item on the list. Because let’s face it: The worst part of any party is cleaning up after. And with built-in flex, these bags rarely break. They’re the ‘49ers making a goal-line stand’ of trash bags, and they’re manufactured in Jacksonville, Illinois; Temple, Texas; and Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, meaning they’re part of a portfolio supporting over 1,200 American jobs!

The Big Game, Made in America: If you’re planning a party for a certain Sunday, Walmart has everything you need to make it great. When you check out in-store or online, you’re doing more than being a good host – you’re supporting American jobs across the country.