Click, Shop, Love: Walmart and Myntra Deliver Quality for Indian and South Asian Customers Living Abroad

Jan. 30, 2019

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Deepika Padukone

Buying clothes online is a totally different experience than shopping in a store. A customer can’t feel the fabric or try the item on to see how it fits. Ordering clothes from overseas can be even less predictable, as sizing differs from country to country. Shipping can sometimes be pricey, and if the item doesn’t work out, it can be a lengthy process to return.

How, then, does a South Asian customer find a new kurta if she is living in, say, Canada? Maybe if she resides in a large city with a thriving South Asian community, she will be able to find something, but even so, options are limited.

Enter Walmart.ca and their new collaboration with Flipkart’s fashion focused platform, Myntra. By working together, they can connect Indian sellers with Indian and South Asian customers living in Canada. Plus, customers can take advantage of Myntra’s wide array of private branded housewares and clothing, such as the All About You line from Bollywood actress turned celebrity designer, Deepika Padukone.

Netasha, a Canada resident, was on the hunt for a great kurta and had trouble finding one locally. At first, she was skeptical of shopping online, but she had heard great things from friends and family who had ordered from Myntra’s private clothing brands, so she decided to try it.

“The assortment was good, and the designs were different,” she said of shopping the Walmart.ca website.

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Netasha was concerned about finding the right fit, but she looked at the sizing chart, placed her order from the All About You line, and crossed her fingers. Within days, her order arrived at her door in Mississauga, Ontario.

Netasha was floored. The fabric was sumptuous, and the fit was perfect.

“I immediately put it on and FaceTimed my family,” she said.

By working across eCommerce platforms, Walmart and Myntra were able to meet their customer where she was, even though she lived on the other side of the world.

Interview courtesy of ET Now.

Because of Walmart’s relationship with Flipkart, Indian sellers now have a trusted international platform. And for those sellers, their customer base has increased, with an expat Indian and South Asian community hungry for a taste of home.

It’s about more than just one product. The brand was able to connect their customer to a meaningful aspect of her culture. Netasha described opening the package and being overcome with the smell.

“It just reminded me of India,” she said.