What is Walmart doing to guarantee responsible firearm sales?

We understand the responsibility that comes with our deeply rooted place in America and our influence as the world’s largest retailer. We care deeply about the responsible sale and regulation of firearms, and we know this is also an important issue to our customers.

In 2018, we made the decision to raise the minimum age to purchase firearms and ammunition in our stores to 21 years of age. In years prior, we ended sales of modern sporting rifles, including the AR-15. Most recently, in September 2019, we decided to no longer sell the ammunition that can be used in large capacity magazines on military-style weapons, which we do not sell. We also made a complete exit from handgun sales. We will focus our assortment of ammunition on the firearms we do carry.

Additionally, we require that customers pass a background check, despite federal law allowing firearms to be sold after a three-day waiting period even if approval isn’t received. We also videotape the point of sale for firearms and only allow certain trained associate to sell firearms.

Our heritage as a company has always been in serving sportsmen and hunters, and we plan to continue to do so in a responsible way.