This Sam’s Club Associate is Helping Small-Business Members on a Global Scale

Aug. 11, 2021

2 Min. Read

When you think of a Sam’s Club member, you might picture someone local stocking up on quality products for their family or a community gathering. But occasionally, our members want to send very large quantities of products beyond our local addresses to a different country. And we’re here to serve them, too. Behind each of their stories, you’ll find a Sam’s Club. You’ll also find talented associates, like Adam Abrahim, working in one of our wholesale trading clubs.

You see, of our 599 clubs across the U.S., there are 11 clubs with systems and training for export transactions. Three are Sam’s Wholesale Trading Clubs. These clubs conduct domestic and export transactions that are not open to the public but are dedicated to large volume members—mostly domestic and international shop owners, distributors, or wholesalers who learned about Sam’s Club through samsclub.com or word of mouth. Our wholesale trading clubs allow these members to place orders remotely. Meanwhile, we’re able to impact lives all over the world while also increasing our presence in the global retail market.

I work with members from Nigeria, Jordan, Jamaica… And I recommend products for their market.
Adam, Export Champ at Wholesale Trading Club 4041 in Linden, New Jersey

Sounds simple—but think again. These are just some of the export countries in Adam’s portfolio and the product recommendations he makes as an Export Champ require cultural agility, relationship building, and a keen understanding of global market trends.

For example, if Adam notices half his portfolio in a certain region is buying a particular item, he’ll take that into account when introducing new products to his club or when recommending products to a member exporting to the same region.

Did You Know?

  • Members exported goods to 84 different countries around the world long before the pandemic.
  • Wholesale trading associates were conducting “Zoom Tours” every day long before 2020.
  • The first Wholesale Trading Club (7191) was opened in 2015 in South Florida followed by a second Wholesale Trading Club (4041) in 2018 in New Jersey.
  • Club 6522 in Los Angeles is set for a grand opening in August 2021. 

He also tries to find new alternatives for his members, especially considering the current climate where not everything is available.

Sometimes Adam has to take a chance on a product that his members might not have asked for, and they would eventually go from purchasing one pallet of the item to purchasing every single one of it in stock.

"It teaches you what a culture is going to like and what they don't like…[This] actually gives Sam's Club, a chance to know, okay, this works with this certain group of demographics or these regions."

Acting as both a consultant and sales agent, he provides recommendations, processes orders, coordinates shipments, and goes after new items. Meanwhile, he’s also collaborating with and motivating other Export Champs.

Besides understanding global market trends, cultural agility, relationship building, and teamwork, the role of an Export Champ also takes a certain level of compassion and care.

I don't want anyone to lose money when they buy from me....I always put myself in members’ shoes and like how hard they work.
Adam Abrahim

So, whether it’s a kid in Senegal cracking open a refreshing bottle of Member's Mark Water on a hot dry day or 40 units of tetra paks arriving at the shores of Jamaica, a Sam’s Wholesale Trading Club is there playing a hand. And behind the scenes is an Export Champ, like Adam Abrahim, coordinating, planning, recommending, and selling the right products to our export members. But most of all, he’s building strong long-lasting relationships—transforming those members in his portfolio into a family.

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