Welcome to the Community Recycling Unit

The Community Recycling Unit is a free, self-service drop-off container for your recyclables, available at select Walmart and Sam’s Club locations. Help us reduce waste, recycle more and reuse materials.

What Can Be Recycled?

The Community Recycling Unit accepts eight different waste streams including: aluminum packaging, clear plastic containers, home cleaning & beauty product bottles, paper boxes, plastic bags & films, plastic bottles, pet food packaging, and rigid food packaging. Exclusions apply. See below marked “Not Accepted” for details. Please empty all liquids and food from waste before depositing it at a Community Recycling Unit.

  • Aluminum
    Drink and food cans, foil and baking tins

    Not Accepted
    Plastic or glass
  • Clear Plastic
    Clear Plastic Containers
    Clear bakery and produce trays/clamshells, clear fruit cups, clear plastic egg cartons

    Not Accepted
    Colored plastic, Plastics #3 PVC, #5 PP, #6 PS or #7 Other
  • Home Cleaning and Beauty Bottles
    Home Cleaning/Beauty Bottles
    Plastic milk and water jugs, laundry detergent jugs, household cleaning bottles, and personal hygiene bottles

    Not Accepted
    Aerosols and glass
  • Paper Boxes
    Paper Boxes
    Cereal, cracker, grain, baking and snack boxes. Personal care and over the counter medication boxes.

    Not Accepted
    Shipping materials or cardboard boxes. Plastic bags inside of paper boxes.
  • Plastic Bags and Films
    Plastic Bags & Films
    Plastic shopping bags, bread and cereal bags, cling and bubble wrap, freezer, garbage and produce bags.

    Not Accepted
    Chip or snack bags, salad bags, pet food bags, boxes or cartons.
  • Plastic Bottles
    Plastic Bottles
    Plastic water, soda, and sports drink bottles.

    Not Accepted
    Milk or water jugs, glass or aluminum.
  • Pet Food Packaging
    Pet Food Packaging
    Dry pet food bags, treat and litter bags.

    Not Accepted
    Aluminum pet food cans, soft food trays and pouches.
  • Rigid Plastic
    Rigid Plastic Food Packaging
    Yogurt, butter, and other dairy tubs. Frozen and ready meal trays.

    Not Accepted
    Milk jugs, shopping bags and film, snack or chip packaging, cardboard or paper.

Locations and Hours
  • Walmart Supercenter
    Walmart Store 4108
    4870 Elm Springs Road
    Springdale, AR 72762

    Recycling Unit hours: Always open
  • Sam’s Club
    Sam's Club 4808
    1517 Gene George Blvd
    Springdale, AR 72762

    Recycling Unit hours: Always open

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    What problem are we solving?

    Curbside recycling programs often do not recycle the waste streams collected by the Community Recycling Unit. This results in waste being dumped in landfills, incinerated, or polluting the natural environment. We aspire to fix that problem by diverting what we can for recycling or reuse.

    What brand of items are accepted at the Community Recycling Unit?

    We accept all brands of packaging at the Community Recycling Unit, regardless of where they were purchased.

    Are there any costs associated with recycling at the Community Recycling Unit?

    It is free to use the Community Recycling Unit. Operational costs are offset by the generous donation of our sponsors.

    Do I need to clean the items before I recycle them?

    Please remove all liquid and food from waste materials prior to dropping it off at the Community Recycling Unit. Failure to comply may contaminate the waste stream and prevent us from being able to recycle or reuse the waste.

    Are the Units at Walmart and Sam's Club the same?

    Yes, the units are the same (take back the same waste streams, recycling is the same), the only difference is the colors/logos.