How much do Walmart associates make?

Walmart Spark

We are proud of the wages and benefits packages we offer our associates. Walmart offers good jobs and advancement opportunities through investments in wages, benefits and training for its 2.3 million associates worldwide. Today, the average total compensation and benefits for hourly U.S. associates exceeds $19. In 2021, we announced wage increases for more than 565,000 stores associates in several areas of our stores. Additionally, our entry-level associates promote to roles of greater responsibility and higher pay within seven months, on average.

That said, we know there is more work to be done. It’s clear by our actions and those of other companies that the federal minimum wage is lagging behind – $7.25 is too low.

It’s time for Congress to put a thoughtful plan in place – one that takes into account phasing and cost of living differences to avoid unintended consequences.

Simply put: We want to see our associates thrive. And we want businesses to be on a level playing field.

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