These Member’s Mark Products Benefit Our Members and the Planet

April 17, 2023

2 Min. Read
Member's Mark Shrimp 2

Member’s Mark™ brand is purpose driven. Our purpose is to provide the highest-quality products that are good both for people and the planet. This Earth Day, Sam’s Club is marking another milestone in its journey toward becoming a regenerative company. Take a look at some of our latest Member’s Mark brand products that incorporate a regenerative approach through sourcing, packaging or their waste-conscious profiles:

Member’s Mark Fair Trade Certified coffee: Over 22.3 million pounds of Fair Trade Certified™ Columbian coffee was purchased in 2022 and that number continues to climb. Fair Trade Certified™ collaborates with farmers and growers on better social and environmental practices, such as fair wages, enhanced health and safety of workers, and community development funds. More than $4.5 million were provided in community development funds for Fair Trade Certified™ farmers and their families from the sale of the Member’s Mark brand coffees.

Member's Mark Coffee

Shrimp: When it comes to frozen shrimp, Member’s Mark brand shrimp is proudly Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) four star certified, and all Member’s Mark brand shrimp products follow the highest standard of sustainability – the Sam’s Club gold badge. BAP-certification ensures farmed seafood is safe, responsible and ethical. By choosing BAP certified products, we offer our members seafood that not only meets strict standards relative to the environment and animals themselves, but also protects the workers in the supply chain to ensure fair treatment and livelihoods in rural communities.

Member's Mark Shrimp

Apparel: An important aspect of the Sam’s Club regeneration efforts, many of our Member’s Mark brand apparel products are made from recycled polyester. Not only are these pieces created with the recycled materials, but they also are made into current and on-trend styles, which are sure to delight the member. We also source Better Cotton (BCI), through which an estimated one billion gallons of water was saved last year. The cotton farmers also receive training for better resource management of the soil, water and natural habitats.

Member's Mark Apparel

Packaging: Finally, we continue to make progress with reducing plastic use in product packaging with our suppliers, critical collaborators in this work. For instance, Member’s Mark brand water bottles are made with a yearly national average of 20% recycled plastic, and some of our snack packs and other flexible packaging is recyclable through club drop-off. Further, some of our bakery packaging utilizes up to 40% recycled plastic in clamshells used for baked goods packed in club.

Member's Mark Packaging

By reducing waste while serving its members, Sam’s Club is continuing to evolve its private brand as it develops products that are reflective of the ingredients, processes and materials customers and members want – and don’t want – in their products. We’re focused not just on quality, innovation and value, but on the impact we are making on the world around us. We encourage you to learn more about how the Member’s Mark brand is helping Sam’s Club become a regenerative company.