A Jacket Made With the Planet and Member in Mind

Dec. 16, 2022

2 Min. Read
Member's Mark Announcement Lead Image

When it comes to recycling, you may not instantly think of clothing, especially if you’re thinking about children’s outerwear. At Sam’s Club, the Member’s Mark brand is focused on accomplishing a regenerative mindset as we focus on our members, their needs, and the needs of the planet. In keeping with this focus, our Member’s Mark Boys’ Puffer Jacket is an excellent example of that. We think that this jacket – and what it’s made out of – is pretty awesome.

Sam’s Club is actively embracing a regenerative mindset in its creation and manufacturing of Member’s Mark products. From packaging to the product itself, we are creating with the member and the planet in mind.

members mark puffer jacket

The Member’s Mark Boys’ Puffer Jacket is a functional outerwear option, while focusing on utilizing recycled materials. The garment utilizes recycled polyester for the shell, lining, and fill. The recycled polyester is made from many different post-consumer products, including water bottles, clothing and shoes, as well. This is a way that Member’s Mark is focusing on being a regenerative company by creating a recycled option for a high-demand item.

Zachery Whiteside, Senior Product Development and Sourcing Manager, spoke to the regenerative element of the jacket. "It’s made up of post-consumer recycled materials. We’re proud to offer this jacket to our members". This is an amazing way that Member’s Mark and Sam’s Club is focused on regeneration while continuing to delight the member.

Not only is the jacket made up of recycled materials, but the design and construction of it is also made to ensure that it is functional, comfortable and fashion-forward. Whiteside mentioned that the colorways and designs had multiple eyes and opinions as the jacket was being created so as to ensure that it would be a standout among its counterparts.

Merry Yang, Merchandiser Manager, also called out that the jacket is manufactured in a HIGG registered mill, which focuses on providing benchmarking across seven areas of environmental assessment and lays the groundwork to set actionable goals and measure improvement for the future.

By focusing on regeneration, Member’s Mark is striving to accomplish our goal of becoming a regenerative company. The Member’s Mark Boys’ Puffer Jacket is just one way that Sam’s Club is focusing on regeneration, quality and innovation.

The Member’s Mark Boys’ Puffer Jacket is available in clubs and online at SamsClub.com now.