We Give a High-Five to These Five Live Better U Student Associates

Aug. 26, 2021

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Sam’s Club and Walmart will cover 100% of college tuition and books of hourly and salaried field associates in Live Better U (LBU).

That’s the news we broke just over a month ago when we decided to shake the world of higher education—removing the $1 a day requirement on a program that has already impacted over 52,000 associates. So, if you heard a collective cheer from current and future Sam's Club college students, now you know why.

But what makes this announcement even more wonderful is knowing just how much of an impact LBU has had on our associates. So, we reached out to a few of them who have completed the program or are currently enrolled to tell us about the role LBU has played in their lives. Meet Shalanda, Jay, Jane, Tiffany, and Mandi.

"Without this opportunity, I would not be able to continue my education," said Shalanda Williams from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Shalanda, whose LBU journey is just getting started, sees it as an opportunity for both her and the company to grow.

Shalanda Williams

"As a Membership Representative, my role is to train and develop associates," she said. "Enrolling in LBU will [provide] tools that will allow retention of new associates and more leaders within the company."

Meanwhile, Jay Ocean, who has already begun his program in LBU, started his career with Walmart working part time as an overnight Stocker. Through hard work and persistence, he is now a Club Manager at a Sam's Club in Sandusky, Ohio. But he would like to add some credentials to his professional portfolio, which will allow him to advance his career even further.

Jay Ocean

"Be more, learn more, do more and grow as a leader with Walmart/Sam’s Club," said Jay. And that is exactly what he’s doing.

Jane Hopkins, from El Paso, Texas, completed her LBU program in April 2020. And she already sees the benefit it has had on the job. "I improved my problem-solving skills…This course also gave me various tools to and ways to identify and solve issues before they become problems."

Jane Hopkins

Jane added that she probably wouldn’t have pursued higher education if it weren’t for LBU. "I would not have felt comfortable utilizing the family’s financial resources for my own personal growth."

Tiffany Poole, from St. Petersburg, Florida, has already earned an Associate of Arts degree with LBU and recently earned a bachelor’s degree through the program.

Tiffany Poole

"I am currently a Fresh Manager for Sam’s Club, and I want to advance my career to Club Manager," she said about her plans for the future.

Finally, we meet Mandi Schneider, from Grand Forks, North Dakota, who is currently enrolled in LBU. She said it has already given her more tools to be a better manager for her team. And she has a message to pass along to other associates: "Stop thinking about it and get started today!"

Mandi Schneider
I wish more people took advantage of the opportunity to grow as a leader and a person.
Mandi Schneider

See what else Shalanda, Jay, Jane, Tiffany, and Mandi have to say about their LBU experience.

To all our LBU associates, past, present, and to come, thank you for taking this invaluable step toward your future. We’re excited to continue making news with you.