#LoveAtFirstScan: How We’re Continuing to Fuel Innovation with Scan & Go

Sep. 17, 2020

1 Min. Read
SAMS SCAN AND GO GAS.00_00_18_07Still002.png

We hear all the time how much our members love Scan & Go. It’s one of those shopping experiences that you try once, and you’re hooked for life.

We continue to innovate for the future by providing member-first solutions that are rooted in convenience and fueled by technology. Enter: Scan & Go Fuel. A mobile pay-at-the-pump experience that brings together contactless payments, speed, and low prices all from the convenience of the Sam’s Club app.

Launched earlier this year with a small-scale pilot, we used that time to improve and refine the member experience. This month, we are expanding our reach by bringing Scan & Go Fuel to more than 70 Sam’s Clubs across the country with a full-scale rollout to all 518 fuel stations expected by the end of the year.

No more shuffling for your Sam’s Club membership card, credit cards or cash. Scan & Go removes another point of friction for our members by allowing secure purchases and eliminating paper receipts with the ease and convenience of the Sam’s Club app.

Here is how Scan & Go fuel works for Sam’s Club members:

  • Download the Sam’s Club app on your iPhone or Android
  • Click on the Scan & Go icon
  • Scan the QR code at the Sam’s Club fuel station pump
  • Select your method of payment within the app
  • Begin fueling
  • Receive a receipt in your email

We launched Scan & Go technology inside our clubs in 2016, and we’ve seen its popularity continue to increase, particularly during the pandemic. Our member adoption rate has doubled since this time last year and we don’t see that slowing down, especially as our members continue to crave quick and safe shopping experiences.

The evolution of Scan & Go, with the added capability of Scan & Go Fuel, is just another example of our commitment to build tech-led solutions that power a better, faster experience for our members. Very much like our recent national rollout of Curbside Pickup.

Taking Scan & Go beyond the physical walls of our clubs to the fuel pump is a service we know our members will appreciate and we can’t wait to see how this makes their lives easier. #LoveAtFirstScan