A New Retail Design Studio Opening Summer 2024

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Pardon our parking lot dust – We’re building a design studio on our Sam’s Club Bentonville campus! Set to be completed in Summer 2024, Clubhouse will serve as a hub for innovation, a dedicated space where anyone in the company can go to pitch ideas, test products, develop solutions and collaborate on projects that push our business forward.

Located on the Sam’s Club Bentonville Club Support Campus, the 37,000-square-foot design center’s large workshop-based spaces will make it easier to collaborate as well as provide ample space for physical product and hardware testing. The dedicated design studio will also strengthen our commitment to being a product-led organization, democratize innovation and help us stitch design thinking into the fabric of our enterprise. 

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Clubhouse Details and Initial Designs
Sam’s Club announces first dedicated space for innovation with its new design studio.
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How are we progressing with Clubhouse construction?

April was all about checking off those to-do boxes.

✅ The completion of our parking lot and curbs.

✅ Carpet installed in rooms. 

✅ We've applied the final layers of paint, and our light fixtures are now shining brightly. 

Clubhouse is coming together beautifully, and we're excited to open our doors in just a few months.

Exciting news! As of March, we’ve officially crossed the halfway point in our construction journey.

The Clubhouse exterior is nearing completion, with 80% of the work already wrapped. And inside? We’re making significant strides, with 75% of the interior now complete. The workshops, testing and collaboration spaces are starting to take tangible shape, promising an inspiring environment for teams to create and innovate. We can’t wait to see the ideas – and products, services and so much more – that will come out of this hub of innovation and design.

February marked a pivotal moment in our construction journey: the successful completion of the building framing. We also gave the Clubhouse walls their first coat of paint! It’s amazing how something as seemingly simple as a fresh coat of paint transforms a space. As we get everything ready for the future, it’s a reminder that even the smallest spark of creativity can ignite so much excitement and possibility.

As we gear up for the Summer 2024 opening of Clubhouse, excitement just keeps on building! In January, we hosted some special guests, including our very own Sam’s Club leadership team and students from the McMillon Innovation Studio at the University of Arkansas, for an exclusive tour of the cutting-edge facility. Enthusiasm and support have been invaluable in shaping this remarkable venture.

In December, we began construction for the pathway from the Sam's Club Support Building to Clubhouse Design Studio. The new pathway will greatly improve accessibility and connection between buildings, and the quick, convenient walking commute will make it easier for associates to create, collaborate and engage. It’s a seemingly minor piece to the greater puzzle, one that showcases our commitment to creating a more connected work environment and to enhancing the overall associate experience.

We’re six months out from Clubhouse completion, and we have walls! The Clubhouse roof is also nearly completed, and soon we’ll get started on creating the collaboration spaces and workshops where associates and partners will pitch ideas, test products and develop solutions that move Sam’s Club forward in positive, impactful ways. It’s been so exciting to watch the progress unfold. Check out the transformation to date. We cannot wait to welcome Sam’s Club and Walmart associates into this innovative hub for design thinking!

The construction of Clubhouse is progressing. The frame of the building is in the process of being completed, which marks another significant milestone in the construction process. Over the last few weeks the building foundation has been laid and a slab pour of concrete has been completed. Look to see more steel going up in the coming weeks. The anticipation of creative possibilities this space will hold, is growing!

Sam’s Club hosted its first-ever Design Conference, Re:Imagine Retail. Participants were immersed in the world of design, exploring how design shapes shopping experiences and enhances our everyday lives. During the two-day conference, design leaders within Sam’s Club highlighted the impact design can have for members and associates, and how we can continue to create unforgettable experiences. Next year, we look forward to hosting Re:Imagine Retail right here inside the Clubhouse.

Our building’s foundation is complete, and we poured a whopping 600 yards of concrete slab for what will be the design center’s office area. We've also finished 100% of our footings and the installation of underground utilities is ongoing.

While it's hard to envision it now, once completed, the 37,000-square foot Clubhouse will offer coworking spaces, workshops, supply and fabrication storage rooms, VR experience and digital integration labs, hardware and software testing spaces, a designated area for prototyping and more.

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