David Guggina

David Guggina

Executive Vice President, Supply Chain Operations, Walmart U.S

David Guggina is executive vice president of supply chain operations for Walmart U.S. He has responsibility for leading the company’s distribution centers, fulfillment centers and other areas in support of the Walmart fulfillment platform.

David previously served as senior vice president, innovation and automation, where he and his team were responsible for leading the strategic implementation of automation technology in our supply chain facilities and innovative delivery capabilities. Since joining the company, he has built and served many agile teams who have implemented simplified processes resulting in better customer service and lower costs within the supply chain.

Prior to joining Walmart in 2018, David worked at Amazon and became a leader at their first all-apparel fulfillment center. Within Amazon’s fulfillment operations, he held a breadth of leadership positions including in inbound, outbound, quality control and on subject matter expert and customer returns teams. Before joining Amazon, David worked at Anheuser-Bush on warehouse optimization and canning operations.

David is passionate about empowering teams to simplify and standardize processes and find new ways to improve the customer and associate experience.

David is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Management.