Apply to Be a Supplier

All of our suppliers fit into four categories – National Product Suppliers, Local Product Suppliers, Service and Non-Resale Suppliers, and Direct Import & Global Suppliers. Together, they make up a global pool of more than 100,000 businesses – and they're how we keep our shelves stocked with what customers want.

Check out the requirements for each category — this is the best way to make sure you’re ready for every part of our application process.


National Product Suppliers (U.S.-based only)

Product suppliers are exactly what they sound like: businesses that offer the products we stock all over the world. Some of our product suppliers are multi-billion-dollar companies; some are businesses with just a few employees. 


Local Product Suppliers

Local suppliers are product suppliers, too – but their products appear in a limited geographic region, usually close to their hometowns. For smaller businesses and new products, becoming a local supplier can be a great way to learn about Walmart's supplier process.

Cosmira Souza Nunes, Brazil

Service and Non-Resale Suppliers

In addition to products, Walmart also sources services – for example, businesses that manage construction, landscaping or marketing. 


Direct Import & Global Suppliers

We work with suppliers around the globe to bring our customers the lowest prices and best products possible.