Hunger & Nutrition

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Driving change to feed the nation

Walmart is committed to getting the best, the healthiest, the most affordable food to as many people as possible. We are fighting hunger in the U.S. We’re making food healthier and healthier food more affordable. And we’re using our size and scale to help support farmers and their communities, produce more food with fewer resources and less waste, and sustainably source key agricultural products. 

For us, it’s not about setting lofty goals. It’s about real and meaningful action. It’s about driving change and creating a movement. A movement that refuses to accept hunger, that fuels the growth and well-being of our nation, and a movement that strengthens the global food supply chain.

Healthier Food

Healthier Food

We’re making food healthier and healthier food more affordable. 


Fighting Hunger

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation pledged $2 billion through 2015 in cash and in-kind donations to fight hunger in the U.S.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Food

Walmart is strengthening local farmers and economies.