Global Responsibility


Our philanthropic mission is derived from our business mission of helping people live better. We aim to strengthen local community cohesion and resilience, while inspiring our associates to give back. We’ve designed giving programs to meet specific social needs, and we work through our stores and associates to make a positive change in the communities we serve.

Associate Philanthropy

At Walmart, our people make the difference — not only in providing customers great service, but also by generously giving their time and money to the causes they care most about. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation encourage Walmart associates to help others by:

  • Encouraging associates to volunteer
  • Supporting local nonprofits with grants made on behalf of volunteer hours completed by associates
  • Matching associate payroll contributions to any of 11 participating nonprofit organizations
  • Matching corporate officer charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations in their local communities

Walmart enables U.S. associates to give to any of 11 participating nonprofit organizations through payroll deduction as part of the Associate Giving Program. The Walmart Foundation matches those contributions dollar for dollar ranging from $1 million to $8 million per charity. Through this program in FY2015, associates raised nearly $12 million. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation matched more than $8.4 million. Participating organizations include the following Associate Giving Program (AGP) organizations:

  • Associate in Critical Need Trust (ACNT)
  • United Way
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Diabetes Association
  • American Heart Association
  • American Indian College Fund
  • Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  • United Negro College Fund
  • Feeding America
  • EarthShare

Associate Support

Since the day Sam Walton opened his first Walmart store, he and others fostered a culture of caring, compassion and opportunity among all associates. Two of the ways Walmart continues to demonstrate that commitment include:

  • Supporting the Associates in Critical Need Trust, which provides financial support to U.S. associates undergoing a crisis
  • Providing scholarships in the U.S. through the Walmart Foundation for higher education

Financial Support

When people face an unexpected tragedy — a fire, a flood or the death of a loved one — it can be overwhelming for them and their families. The Associates in Critical Need Trust (ACNT), a public charity created in 2001, provides grants to U.S. associates experiencing economic hardship as a result of an unforeseen crisis. Walmart contributes to the Trust, as do the Walmart Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, associates and Walmart alumni. Since 2001, the Trust has provided more than 125,000 grants totaling more than $100 million to associates in need. In FY2015 alone, ACNT helped 342 associates impacted by natural disasters who needed food, clothing or shelter, and 3,849 associates impacted by loss of household income due to circumstances such as a death in the family or a spouse losing their job.

Associate & Dependent Scholarships

For more than three decades, the Walmart Foundation has committed to making resources available to help U.S. associates or their dependents who are high school seniors fulfill their educational goals through the Associate Scholarship Program. The funds can be used toward a two- or four-year college degree, or a trade or technical school certificate. Since FY2012, the Walmart Foundation has given $22.4 million to organizations that award scholarships to our associates and their dependents. Rather than make one-time payouts, we require each scholarship recipient to maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average and either 12 credit hours per semester for dependents or three credit hours per quarter for associates. Those who meet the criteria are eligible to renew their scholarship for further assistance with a total contribution of up to $16,000 for associates or up to $13,000 for dependents. The number of eligible recipients is limited by the IRS.

Local Communities

We’re proud to live and work in more than 10,000 neighborhoods around the world. Since the days of Sam Walton, we’ve worked hard to improve the quality of life in our communities by building local strengths and addressing local issues. Walmart combines philanthropic and business initiatives to increase our positive impact on communities. Specifically, we:

  • Empower facility managers and Walmart associates to directly fund local nonprofits and institutions in need
  • Invest in local causes
  • Engage Walmart customers in local charitable initiatives

In many markets, Walmart provides grants to local community organizations. In 2014, Walmart facilities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico made more than 46,000 grants to community organizations, totaling more than $47 million. In addition, the Walmart Foundation awarded $37 million to organizations addressing hunger, workforce development, veterans programs and many other causes through the State Giving Program, based on recommendations of committees of Walmart associates in each state.

Community Grant Program

Blouses, jeans, shoes, pictures, furniture, a home and a sense of security − these are all things that LaKisha Bowman, a Walmart associate in Garland, Texas, for 14 years, lost when the home she was renting went up in flames in 2009. “Associates were coming to me and saying, ‘I think your house is on fire,’” she said. Her home was within walking distance of the store, and the sound of fire truck sirens was unmistakably close.

Supporting CMN Hospitals

Walmart and its associates in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada and Sam’s Club are longtime supporters of Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals. In addition to the annual CMN Hospitals campaign — which collects donations from associates and customers at store registers — many associates also volunteer their time sewing newborn hats, hosting carnivals for patients and making personal contributions. Since 1987, our customers and associates have worked to help raise more than $750 million, which has contributed to critical improvements in children’s health care.

Disaster Response & Preparedness

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have played an increasing role in disaster relief, ever since Hurricane Katrina, the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. At that time, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation provided 1,500 truckloads of merchandise, more than 100,000 meals and guaranteed jobs for our displaced workers. Since then, we’ve contributed more than $43 million in cash donations in response to events such as typhoons in Mexico and the Philippines, tsunamis in Asia, floods in the U.K. and Canada, tornadoes in the U.S., Africa’s Ebola epidemic and many other tragedies.

We also invest in efforts to improve disaster preparedness in communities. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation work together in complementary ways to contribute business and philanthropic assets to the field, including logistics and operations expertise, use of physical assets such as buildings and trucks, and cash and in-kind donations.