Walmart Privacy Notice Frequently Asked Questions

What are cookies, and how does Walmart use cookies on its websites?

Cookies are small pieces of text sent as files to your computer by the website you are visiting. uses its own and third-party cookies to improve your shopping and browsing experience, and to allow the site to recognize you as you move from one page to another. Without cookies enabled, you will still be able to browse the site, but will not be able to take advantage of certain website features.

Walmart uses two main types of cookies - session cookies and persistent cookies:

  • Session cookies exist for only as long as your browser remains open. For example, it allows us to remember the items added to your shopping cart as you browse different pages on Walmart’s websites. Please note that if you block cookies from, you may not be able to make purchases on the website.
  • Persistent cookies last from one visit to another. We use persistent cookies to provide you a more personalized shopping experience and to help you navigate our websites more efficiently. For example, persistent cookies are used to remember who you are and show you items you have previously browsed online or to show you which local store you have chosen as your “home” store. Read our About Our Ads page for more information. 

You can manage your cookie preferences from within your browser. Please see the Help section on your browser for information on how to manage your cookie preferences.

What are web beacons?

Web beacons are small images, usually 1x1 pixels on a website that are used to determine whether a page was visited by the user. uses web beacons in different ways, including to understand how our customers use our website and to personalize website content for our customers.

What are Bluetooth beacons?

Bluetooth beacons transmit a low-power signal that can be received within short distances by nearby Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices and recognized by apps a smartphone user has downloaded. Beacons only broadcast signals, and don’t collect any data. With the user’s permission, an app on a device can use the beacon’s signals to know when the mobile device is close to the beacon.

What happens to my information when I uninstall the Walmart app?

You can easily stop the collection of information by our mobile applications by uninstalling the mobile applications. When you uninstall the Walmart app from your phone, you will remove your preferences stored on the app including your login information and your local store preferences.

How do I get a copy of my information related to Walmart shares that I own?

You can contact the company that manages your stock to request a copy of your information.

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