Frequently Asked Questions

and last updated on Jan. 6, 2018


How many communities will the program work in?

The program is expected to operate in 5 -7 communities at the outset with additional cities added in future years.

Why is the application by invitation only?

Since the location and topics are varied we want to make sure those organizations that submit applications have a high chance of receiving consideration for funding. In order to make this happen we will invite organizations that serve the chosen community and that have expertise in the chosen topical area.

Should I mail additional materials to increase the chance of my organization being invited to apply?

No. A Walmart Giving representative will contact your organization if information is needed.

Where can I find additional information about the communities and organizations that are funded through the new program?

Information on funded organizations and their topical areas can be found by visiting the Spark Communities Grant Recipient link.

I received a grant last year, where can I submit a final report?

Please visit the CyberGrants portal to submit your organization’s final report.

What about organizations who relied on the State Giving program for key initiatives?

Through State Giving, Walmart Foundation invested in a lot of strong, local nonprofits. We are working hard to provide healthy transitions for these organizations. The Walmart Foundation is evaluating bridge grants for organizations who have been funded at least two out of the last three years AND who have demonstrated that State Giving funding was a significant part of their program or organizational budget. . The organizations that meet these criteria have been contacted. The Walmart Foundation is working with them to submit an application for bridge grant funding.

Where else can I get funding?

For most nonprofit organizations the best fit will be store or club grants or through grants from our Volunteerism Always Pays program. However, we encourage you to visit to get more information on giving by Walmart and the Walmart Foundation and to find out which programs might be a good fit for your organization’s funding needs.

Are Walmart and the Walmart Foundation moving away from local funding?

No. The Spark Communities Program is designed to impact local communities in the United States and complements giving programs operated by Walmart such as Community Giving and Volunteerism Always Pays. Both Walmart and the Walmart Foundation continue to evaluate giving programs to achieve a balanced global giving portfolio that is designed to achieve the greatest impact.