Store Pilot Test Project - Mobile Device Location Tracking

If you do not want to participate in this pilot project, see Opt Out Instructions below.

About the Pilot
We are working hard to enhance customers’ in-store experience including delivering faster checkout, making it easier to get around the stores and ensuring we make available to you the products and services you want. If your Wi-Fi is enabled, we may record the location of your mobile phone or other Wi-Fi device as it moves through our store to help us understand how the average customer shops.

How is Mobile Device Information Collected and Used?
Mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) that have Wi-Fi enabled announce their presence to nearby wireless networks by emitting a signal. This signal includes an identifier called a Media Access Control (MAC) address, which is a unique combination of numbers and letters associated with your mobile device hardware. The MAC address does not provide any information about your real-world identity.

If your device’s Wi-Fi is enabled, we will collect the MAC address of your device, the manufacturer of the device and its signal strength as well as the device’s location inside our store. Once you leave the store and are out of range of our Wi-Fi service, we cannot collect information from your mobile device.

We do not collect any personal information from your mobile device such as name, e-mail address, or phone number and we do not use the data we collect to attempt to identify you individually. We use aggregate data to perform our analytics and dispose of the information we collect when it is no longer needed to support our business or legal purposes. The information we collect from your mobile device cannot be used to contact you for marketing purposes.

Opt Out Instructions
If you do not want your mobile device information analyzed, email and enter only your MAC address in the Subject line. See below for instructions on finding your MAC address.

After you send us your opt-out email, we will respond with two emails: one notifying you that we received your opt-out request, and another within 24 hours, at the time your opt-out takes effect. Other ways you can avoid having information collected from your mobile device include turning off your Wi-Fi or leaving the store property.

How to Find Your Mac Address
Note: Devices running Apple iOS 8 automatically generate random Wi-Fi MAC addresses, instead of broadcasting a consistent one (except when users have joined a particular network or certain other times). As a result, for iOS 8 users, tracking is limited in those circumstances and the Wi-Fi optout is limited.

A MAC address is unique to your device and is stored in your device's networking hardware by the device manufacturer. It allows your device to connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless networks.

Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

  • Go to Settings > General > About.
  • The Wi-Fi MAC is displayed in the field labeled "Wi-Fi Address".
  • Tip: Once you've found your MAC address, doubletap it to select it. Then, tap copy. Tap again in the email subject line to paste.

Android Phone or Tablet

  • Go to Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks.
  • Check the box marked Wi-Fi to ensure that wireless is turned on.
  • Go to Back > About Phone or About Tablet > Hardware Information.
  • The Wi-Fi MAC is displayed here.

Blackberry Phone or Tablet
OS 4.55.0:

  • Go to Options > Status. The Wi-Fi MAC is located in the field labeled "WLAN MAC."

OS 6.07.1:

  • Go to Setup > Options > Device > Device and Status Information. The Wi-Fi MAC is located in the field labeled "WLAN MAC."

Windows Phone or Tablet
The MAC address is displayed in the "MAC" field.

Pilot Locations
This pilot applies to the following stores in Memphis and Atlanta:

  • Store 848, 6811 Southcrest Pkwy, Southaven, MS
  • Store 1248, 7525 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN
  • Store 5196, 5255 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN
  • Store 2846, 7950 Craft Goodman Frontage Rd, Olive Branch, MS
  • Store 2322, 577 N Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN
  • Store 5122, 2856 Hickory Hill Rd, Memphis, TN
  • Store 855, 4735 Jonesboro Rd, Union City, GA
  • Store 787, 7050 Highway 85, Riverdale, GA
  • Store 1047, 6065 Jonesboro Rd, Morrow, GA
  • Store 5363, 11465 Tara Blvd, Lovejoy, GA
  • Store 856, 404 Hwy 27 No. Bypass, Bremen, GA

For More Information
If you want to contact us to ask a privacy question, see the Walmart Privacy Policy – “Who Can I Contact at Walmart About the Privacy Policy?” Additional information, such as how we share your mobile device information, is available in the Walmart Privacy Policy.