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  • November 11, 2019
    Nov. 11, 2019 By Tom Ward, SVP, Digital Operations for Walmart U.S.; Ashley Hubka, SVP, Corporate Strategy and Development; and Janey Whiteside, Chief Customer Officer Earlier this year we announced a new way to make Online Grocery shopping even easier for customers – Walmart Voice Order – a service that gives customers the option to add items to…
    3 Min Read
  • April 25, 2019
    April 25, 2019 By Matt Smith, Walmart Over the past few months, a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Levittown, New York, has been quietly transforming. With artificial intelligence-enabled cameras, interactive displays and a massive data center, this store suggests a retail future that seems like science fiction.But this store isn’t just a shiny new…
    12 Min Read
  • April 9, 2019
    April 9, 2019 By Elizabeth Walker, Walmart Corporate Affairs Every hero needs a sidekick, and some of the best have been automated. Think R2D2, Optimus Prime and Robot from Lost in Space. Just like Will Robinson and Luke Skywalker, having the right kind of support helps our associates succeed at their jobs.Smart assistants have huge potential to…
    6 Min Read
  • April 2, 2019
    April 2, 2019 By Tom Ward, senior vice president, Digital Operations, Walmart U.S. Customers love our Grocery Pickup and Delivery options. These services make life easier and help customers get back to the things they like doing the most. What if we could make it even easier?We continue to innovate for the future and look to technology to make…
    2 Min Read
  • January 23, 2019
    January 23, 2019 By Elizabeth Walker, Walmart Corporate Affairs Next month, all Walmart Academies will incorporate a new learning tool into their curriculum – and it sounds super fun. Spark City, a simulation-style video game that puts players in charge of a Walmart dry grocery department, will help associates going through Academy training hone…
    6 Min Read
  • January 15, 2019
    Retail innovation took many different forms in 2018. Virtual reality, automated assistants and convenient handheld apps all showed up in Walmart stores across the country to deliver on a promise: Make shopping and working at Walmart easier for customers and associates alike.So, what did that look like throughout the year? Here’s a look at the…
    13 Min Read
  • January 14, 2019
    This July, a Walmart supply chain first is coming to Colton, California. A newly built, 340,000-square-foot high-tech consolidation center will be the first in Walmart’s supply chain to receive, sort and ship freight. This automated technology will enable three times more volume to flow throughout the center and helps Walmart deliver the right…
    5 Min Read
  • January 8, 2019
    By Tom Ward, Senior Vice President, Digital Operations, Walmart U.S. Over the last few years we’ve been working hard to bring Grocery Pickup and Delivery to more and more customers across the country for one reason: Customers love it! It makes shopping easy and saves loads of time. But, we’re not stopping with simply rolling out the service to…
    2 Min Read
  • November 14, 2018
    By Tom Ward, Senior Vice President, Digital Operations, Walmart U.S. For a Walmart customer who has just started using grocery pickup, it might seem like shopping can’t get much easier – just order online, pull up to a parking space, and wait for an associate to load the items. Easy. Retail is changing at a rapid pace, and what’s “easy” in 2018…
    2 Min Read
  • November 13, 2018
    By Matt Smith, Walmart Corporate Affairs Having the products and services you want, when you want them is a key part of any shopping experience. It may feel like something that just happens, but when it comes to staffing the people who bring this to life, it’s a process that’s carefully planned. In a store with several hundred associates,…
    4 Min Read