The Birth of Hello Bello, as Told by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

Parents and Hello Bello co-founders, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

By Elizabeth Walker

Walmart’s baby department just got a cool new arrival: Hello Bello, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s premium, plant-based baby brand. We sat down with the couple to ask them about the line, and in the process, we learned a lot we didn’t bargain for … like the many reasons parenting can be a pretty gross job.

You are proud parents to Lincoln, 5, and Delta, 4. What has been the most surprising thing about parenting?
Well, for one, those little 8-lb. rugrats accumulate an absurd amount of stuff. We assumed we’d have to give one room over, but turns out their stuff takes up every square inch of the house. It’s like having a tiny hoarder move in with you. But the most surprising thing about parenting is the profound effect it has on your heart and your brain. It’s a love that is all-encompassing and barred of any conditions, and it immediately right-sizes all your personal insecurities or hang-ups or feelings of selfishness, because suddenly the only goal is to keep these other people happy and safe.

One of the things your fans love about you is that you are open and authentic on social media, and in the same way, you have talked about being truthful and authentic with your daughters. What are some of the most difficult, awkward or entertaining conversations that have come from being so forthright with them?
Recently, our 5-year-old asked us about the birds and the bees. We looked at each other and took deep breaths, and said “OK, let’s do this.” So, we sat her down and started telling her in detail what happens. We were using all the anatomical verbiage – we might as well have shown her a PowerPoint. And about halfway through, she got bored and went outside to play. So, I guess that’s checked off the list! She’ll be very knowledgeable about half of the process. She can learn the rest in health class.

While we are being honest, what is the grossest thing you have experienced as a parent?
What’s NOT gross about parenting? It’s inherently gross: boogers, poop, sticky everything, vomit, more boogers, more poop, etc.

Hello Bello

So, obviously, between parenting and your careers and charity work, you have a lot on your plate. What made you want to start a baby line in addition to everything else you have going on?
We recognize that we are incredibly lucky. We can afford to buy the highest quality products on the market and we don’t think it’s fair that premium products aren’t available to every child. Every child deserves the best. We partnered with Walmart so we could provide premium baby products at an affordable price to all parents. So you don’t have to choose between what’s best for your baby and what’s best for your budget.

Tell us about what differentiates Hello Bello from other brands.
Hello Bello products are premium quality and plant-based, but they’re not premium priced – because we partnered with Walmart. Our adorable, super-absorbent diapers have a plant-derived core liner and chlorine-free, sustainably harvested fluff pulp to keep babies’ booties dry. Our body care and cleaning products are Leaping Bunny-certified vegan and cruelty-free. We could go on and on. A lot of thought and care went into everything we created! Also, as a brand, we’re committed to creating a supportive community for parents and giving back to parents and communities in need. And having fun. Fun will be a big part of Hello Bello, too.

Hello Bello Products GIF

10 seconds to answer: You’re deserted with a baby on a desert island. What are the top three items you need to take care of the baby?
1. Baby wipes (see question No. 3)
2. Baby-safe bug spray.
3. Caffeine. Not baby safe but parent necessary. :)

Many of our readers may not be parents, or may not be parents yet. What’s your favorite non-baby use for your products?
We think all of these products are great for all ages, maybe with the exception of the diaper rash cream. Though, hey – we aren’t telling you what to do with your body. If you think you need the diaper cream, go ahead and have a ball! We love taking baths with the bubble bath, the shampoo is great to use on pets and the baby wipes are great all-purpose wipes for any age. Let’s be real: Babies aren’t the only ones who like a clean behind.