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IMPORTANT:  This resource is provided to help you navigate the process toward becoming a prospective supplier and avoid common interruptions and delays that can occur along the way.

Supplier Administration

The process follows three main stages, each stage requesting that you provide additional information.

Note: Only representatives of your company with authority to bind your company to a legally-enforceable contract with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and its affiliates (“Walmart”) should access Retail Link and you should never permit any third party to have access to this site.
To assist you through this process, we have provided some common delays along with tips to help you avoid them.

Common General Delays - Step 1

Internet Browser. Ensure you are using an Internet browser that is compatible with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. systems. Our systems only work with Internet Explorer Browsers Versions 7.0 to 8.0. If you are using a different browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) or higher version of Internet Explorer, we will not receive the questionnaire or be able to approve the supplier agreement in a timely manner. Supplier agreement renewals, along with managing all phases of your agreement, must be completed using a compatible version of Internet Explorer.

Supplier’s Name. The company’s legal name must match the name attached to the Federal Tax ID (e.g. Dun & Bradstreet report, Insurance Certificates, W-9, and all name fields on the Online Supplier Agreement).  DBA (Doing Business As) names may be entered in the DBA field only.

Pursuant to new US Federal tax regulations issued under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA"), in an effort to comply, as of July 1, 2014, we are required to obtain a new tax certificate (2014 version of form W-8) for each non-U.S. payee prior to making a payment.  Without this, it is likely we will be required to withhold up to 30% from the payment and remit that amount to the IRS.  Please be prepared to provide the current version of the appropriate W-8 form as a part of the vendor setup process.  Forms are available at As a reminder, this requirement is due to FATCA passed by Congress in 2010 and signed by the President. Our receipt of the appropriate new tax certificate will help Walmart meet its new IRS tax information reporting obligations.  Please email the tax certificate to:

Common Questionnaire Delays – Step 2

Child Labor Question. The following question is often misinterpreted: Do you certify that: Forced labor, prison labor, or illegal child labor is not, and will not be, used in the manufacturing of your products? An answer of ‘Yes’ indicates that you certify that you do not and will not use any of these types of labor. An answer of ‘No’ indicates that you are unable to certify whether or not you use or will use these types of labor.

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). Register or renew your Dun & Bradstreet financial report. At the end of the online questionnaire you are directed to enter your D&B number or register to purchase a financial report for Walmart. D&B does not charge businesses to update their company information; however, there is an initial charge of $125 and yearly renewal fees for reports. You can view and update your D&B information for free at or call D&B dedicated Walmart hotline 866.815.2749. Walmart accepts D&B credit scores 1 through 6; scores 7 through 9 are outside of our acceptable range. Unless instructed by a representative from the D&B number listed above, we do NOT recommend you contact Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corporation, which is a third party service that charges a fee to update a company’s D&B information.

Common Agreement Delays – Step 3

Insurance. Insurance requirements are updated periodically, be sure to check the Minimum Requirements page. Email a copy of your current certificate to:

Data Fields. Ensure all data fields are used appropriately. The “Attn” field should list an individual or a department name, not the supplier name. “Address” fields are used for address information only; we cannot accept a name in an address field. Please make sure the contact information is completely listed.

Business Terms. Discuss all payment terms and allowances (Standard Purchase Order Allowance, Payment Terms, Shipping Terms, Condition of Sale, Product Chemical Information, Return Policy) with your buyer to ensure negotiations are completed prior to submitting the agreement. Follow the buyer’s directions for completing the allowance section of the agreement. Supplier agreement allowances must be offered in percentages. The “how paid” and “when paid” fields must be marked in accordance with the instructions, which are listed on the agreement.

Diversity Information. If you choose a diverse classification you will be required to provide certification of the classification.  Delays in providing this certification may hold up the processing of the agreement. Upload your certification to the Walmart Supplier Diversity Portal.

Purge. Supplier agreements which are granted and not submitted or completed and placed on hold will purge from the system if no further action occurs within 45 days. Agreements that have purged, or were purged in “error”, will have to start the process from the beginning.  You will receive email notices prior to an agreement purging.  Action should be taken at the time the notice is received.

Agreement Completion. Following the acceptance of the supplier agreement DO NOT go back to Retail Link. Close your browser or navigate to a different website. Revisiting Retail Link will place the agreement in “Revising Status” which will prevent the Walmart team from been able to review the agreement. Each time the agreement is opened during the approval process, you must page through to the end and click “submit” then log out of Retail Link. 

If you have any questions or need additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact Supplier Administration at 479-273-4133 or

The Supplier Administration team strives to work in a professional and consistent manner to provide both current and prospective suppliers with the same tools needed in order to conduct business with Walmart. Current and prospective suppliers are solely responsible for all costs incurred or associated with meeting Walmart’s requirements. Therefore, current and prospective suppliers should first evaluate such costs before applying.

Please be advised that this information being provided to you is confidential proprietary information of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and its related subsidiaries and affiliates ("Walmart"), and is subject to the confidentiality and nondisclosure obligations contained in your legal agreement(s) with Walmart. Except as authorized by Walmart, any use, dissemination, distribution or copying of this information is strictly prohibited.