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The resources and information below will help you understand the next steps once you have completed the Online Supplier Agreement.

Set up Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)
Global Data Synchronization Network enables our Supplier partners to publish their item data electronically. This process for Item Creation and Maintenance will provide more accurate, consistent, and timely item data that will reduce inefficiencies within the supply chain. GDSN is an industry standard for item creation and maintenance that has been improving processes all over the world for over 15 years.

To learn more and register, please visit these websites: Walmart | Sam's Club

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – Retail Link
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows suppliers and retailers to electronic exchange business documents. If you have additional questions, please contact the Walmart EDI Support team. We look forward to assisting you. 

For additional information, Walmart’s implementation guidelines can be accessed through Retail Link E-Commerce/EDI.  Have a question? Submit them to

Please note that for EDI purposes, "Walmart" refers to Walmart Stores, Inc. This includes Sam's Clubs, Supercenters, Walmart Stores, Neighborhood Markets and Distribution Centers.

Set up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program
Walmart offers suppliers timely and secure electronic payments through the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program. For more information about enrolling in Walmart’s EFT Program, call the Global Shared Services Contact Center at 1-888-499-6377 (U.S./Puerto Rico) or 1-888-709-6377 (Canada). Submit forms to

Goods for Not Resale/Service Suppliers
Download EFT Enrollment Form - Expense Suppliers

Goods for Resale Suppliers
Download EFT Enrollment Form - Purchase Supplier

Supplier Replenishment Training – Retail Link
Supplier Replenishment Training page provides online training modules. Please follow these steps to access the page:
  1. Log on to Retail Link
  2. Click Apps
  3. Alphabetical View
  4. Letter S
  5. Supplier Replenishment Training

Compliance Resources

Food Safety and Health
At Walmart Stores, Inc., our commitment to our customers is unparalleled. We strive relentlessly to provide safe, quality foods in our retail operations. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we go further than many U.S. retailers in requiring that harmonized, leading-edge food safety standards be adopted throughout the entire food production chain.

To learn more about our Food Safety requirements, please visit our corporate website.

Product Safety and Compliance – Retail Link
Product Safety and Compliance administers programs to identify, mitigate and monitor risks associated with general merchandise. We strive to set clear expectations within the supply chain and develop reasonable levels of assurance and procedures for corrective action.

Product Safety and Compliance is responsible for General Merchandise in all U.S. and Puerto Rico retail formats for Walmart,, Sam's Club, and Food and Pharmacy are covered by different groups within Walmart. Please contact your merchant with questions for those departments.

Product Safety and Compliance provides information regarding product safety and regulatory requirements and does not include requirements related to product quality. For questions regarding quality requirements, please contact your merchant.

For additional resources, please follow these steps:
1.     Log on to Retail Link
2.     Click Apps
3.     Alphabetical View
4.     Letter P
5.     Product Safety and Compliance Library

Responsible Sourcing
At Walmart and Sam's Club, we collaborate with NGOs and government leaders to verify the products we sell are produced in a way that provides dignity and respect for workers in our supply chain. Learn more about how we strive to positively influence global supply chain practices, read our Standards for Suppliers and learn about our responsible sourcing factory audit process.  

For questions regarding these enhancements, please email