Product Suppliers Online Submission

If your business is based in the United States, these three steps contain what you’ll need to successfully navigate our application process to supply products to Walmart. Important Note: Internet Explorer browser (version 7-8) is required to complete this process; if you are browsing with Internet Explorer version 6 or below, or above 9, please ensure compatibility view is turned on.
Step 1: Online Product Submission
Step 1: National Online Product Submission

Step 1: Online Product Submission

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To apply to sell goods for resale with Walmart, Sam’s Club or Online you will need to complete the 3 step Supplier Qualification Process.

Step 1 Registration
Step 2 Certification
Step 3 Acceptance

There are two ways to get started:
1. Self-registration – The supplier initiates the process by applying to be a supplier online. Self-registered suppliers must wait to be invited by a buyer to complete Acceptance.
2. Invitation – The buyer initiates the process by inviting the supplier to register

Step 2: Supplier Questionnaire

Step 2: Supplier Questionnaire

Product Suppliers

1. Registration: Complete and Submit the Supplier Registration form. Provide your company name, contact, address information and accept the Retail Link Agreement. You will receive credentials to access our supplier onboarding applications through email (If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder).

PLEASE NOTE: The contact you provide during registration must have the authority to enter into legal agreements on behalf of your company.

2. Certification: Complete Supplier Certification. Provide additional information about your company and upload required documents. Required fields are marked with an “*”. Examples of required fields are your Federal Taxpayer Identification number (TIN), W9, DUN's (D&B) number, bank information, product information, product pictures and contacts. Use our supplier checklist to ensure you have all required information before you begin the certification process. When certification is submitted, will be certified to become a supplier and your products can be seen and shopped for by Walmart buyers. If they like what they see, they will send you an invitation by email to start the acceptance process.

3. Acceptance - Review all the information you have provided and accept all terms of the Walmart/Sam's Club Supplier Agreement. You must agree to terms set within the agreement to move forward in the Supplier Qualification process.

Once Walmart reviews and approves your submitted information you will receive an email with your supplier number, full Retail Link access and additional information for next steps.

Important: Due to system limitations, Suppliers will be required to have a Drop Ship Vendor agreement on file, however the supplier is not required to be a drop ship vendor. An additional agreement will be issued to enable fullfillment center usage. There is no expectation that all suppliers are DSV. We appologize for this inconvience.

If you are approved as a supplier, at the time of item setup, please check with the applicable merchant team to confirm whether or not your items will require transit testing to complete set up. If transit testing is not completed your items will not be live on the site on the expected date. Click on the Transit Testing Required Subcats list to see if your items fall under the subcategories that require transit testing.

Step 3: Supplier Agreement

Step 3: Supplier Agreement

Suppliers Insurance Requirements

Avoid these common errors that may delay processing of your application:

Your company name must match the Federal Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) entered. You must enter your Duns number (D & B number) on the application. Please review the minimum requirements for additional information and support contacts. You must provide proof of adequate liability insurance coverage within 30 days of receiving your supplier number. All required fields marked with an “*” must be completed. Ensure you meet all minimum requirements to become a supplier.

Before you begin:

Chrome is the preferred browser for completing the registration process. Utilize our supplier checklist to ensure you have all required information available. You will not be able to save your information until all mandatory fields are completed. All supplier are required to provide a DUN's number. If you do not have a D&B / DUNS, please contact D&B at: 1-866-815-2749 within North America. For more information on D&B / DUNS, visit: If you have additional questions, email Supplier Administration: