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While we leverage our size and scale to influence positive change in a variety of ways, risks and issues in consumer goods supply chains cannot be solved through the actions of any one company alone. Through our ongoing work with suppliers, industry stakeholders and partner organizations, we’re helping to strengthen the global supply chain at a much faster rate than would be possible on our own.

Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety

Walmart is a founding member of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, a group of brands and retailers seeking to drive safer working conditions for the men and women in the ready-made garment industry. According to the Alliance’s third annual report published in October 2016, it has:

  • Trained more than 1.2 million factory employees on basic fire safety, with approximately 800,000 having received an interactive refresher course
  • Provided a helpline in more than 800 factories where workers can anonymously report safety or other job-related concerns
  • Provided, together with factory owners, wages for more than 6,600 displaced workers
  • Published the results of all factory inspections on its website, along with corrective action plans for factories entering remediation

Learn more about Walmart’s work with the Alliance.

Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Fair Food Program

In 2014, Walmart joined the Fair Food program through a partnership with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and Florida tomato suppliers. Our work with the CIW includes:

  • Expanding the Fair Food program beyond Florida to the tomatoes we purchase from participating Florida-based growers with operations outside the state.
  • Committing to using suppliers who best reflect the principles of the Fair Food program.
  • Exploring whether the Fair Food program can be expanded to crops beyond tomatoes in our produce supply chain.

Better Work Program

Together, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) launched the Better Work Program with the objective of improving factory working conditions in the garment sector. Program components include monitoring factories, conducting training modules and engaging with key stakeholders, including workers, factories, communities and governments. Walmart works with the Better Work program in several countries.

Ethical Trading Initiative

Asda/George is a founding member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and works within a multi-stakeholder environment on industry issues such as home workers, Sumangali workers, working-hours projects, fire safety, living wages and purchasing practices. ETI touches a wide spectrum of issues to help drive positive change through the supply base from which Asda sources.

Project Issara/The Issara Institute
Launched in January 2014, and supported by a coalition of seafood importers and retailers, including Asda, Project Issara seeks to tackle human trafficking in Southeast Asia. Initially, Project Issara focused on forced labor in Thailand’s export-focused sectors. Its focus has expanded to tackling exploitative labor practices and improving conditions for workers through a multi-lingual migrant worker hotline and outreach and assistance programs. Walmart and Asda look forward to Project Issara’s second phase, which will be managed by the newly formed Issara Institute.

Stronger Together
Asda is a project sponsor of Stronger Together, a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to reduce human trafficking, forced labor and other hidden third-party exploitation of workers in supply chains in the U.K. Stronger Together provides downloadable resources for employers, labor providers, workers and worker representatives.

International Justice Mission
International Justice Mission (IJM) works to fight human trafficking in the seafood supply chain. In 2015, the Walmart Foundation approved a $785,000 grant to support an IJM data center in Thailand that will analyze information collected from its case work and other governmental and non-governmental sources.

Global Social Compliance Programme
The Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) is a business-driven program created to promote the continuous improvement of working and environment conditions in global supply chains. Walmart is one of five leading companies that helped to create GSCP.