Electronics for the U.S. Retail Market Supply Chain

Factory in China with workers on assembly line

Governments, industry organizations and NGOs, including the U.S. Department of Labor and Verité, have identified the electronics supply chains in China and Malaysia as posing potentially higher risks for forced and underage labor. Walmart is helping mitigate potential risks in the Electronics supply chain, and in FY19, we expanded our focus from China and Malaysia to the global Walmart U.S. and Sam’s Club U.S. retail market supply chains.

In 2017, Walmart became a Supporting Member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)—an industry association comprising more than 140 electronics, retail, auto and toy companies with combined annual revenue greater than $5 trillion—to leverage its leadership in mitigating potential risks of forced and underage labor in the electronics supply chain and its work in responsible recruitment. Responsible Sourcing participates in RBA’s Diversity and Gender Taskforce and the Worker Well-Being Initiative, as well as its Responsible Labor Initiative, which is implementing responsible recruitment practices in global supply chains.

Responsible Sourcing aligned with our merchant organization on a strategy and goals for the electronics initiative, and as of March 30, 2019, approximately 68% of Walmart U.S. retail market Electronics – Information, Communication and Technology sales come from suppliers engaged with the RBA program.

To further advance our goals, Walmart hosted an Electronics Supplier Forum in Shenzhen, China, in September 2018. More than 40 Walmart supplier representatives attended the forum to share best practices and hear from RBA representatives, RBA members and Responsible Sourcing associates.