Walmart Introduces Joyspun: A Modern Brand of Elevated Sleepwear and Intimates

Oct. 24, 2022
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The Joyspun logo, with different colors for each letter spelling J-O-Y-S-P-U-N

Joyspun Logo

Eight women of varying races stand in a group wearing new Joyspun undergarments.

Joyspun Product on Group of Women

Two women stand together wearing Joyspun loungewear, with one women wearing a pink pajamas set and another wearing a white loungewear set with a tank top, pants and a robe.

Joyspun Models 1

A woman sits wearing a pair of grey pajamas, with pajama pants and a grey long-sleeve top.

Joyspun Models 2

A woman sits wearing a pair of multicolored striped long-sleeve, long-pants pajamas.

Joyspun Models 3

A woman stands wearing red underwear and a matching red bra.

Joyspun Models 4

A woman stands wearing a grey loungewear set with the text “You. Are. Gorgeous.”

Joyspun Models 5

Joyspun product image set 1

Joyspun Product Set 1

Joyspun product image set 2

Joyspun Product Set 2

Joyspun product image set 3

Joyspun Product Set 3

Joyspun product image set 4

Joyspun Product Set 4

Joyspun product image set 5

Joyspun Product Set 5

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