NECA Launches AutoT at Walmart, an Exclusive New Digital Collectibles Marketplace

Oct. 3, 2022
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Overlooking a man's shoulder, you can see he is looking at the Collector Shop page on on his laptop.

Man Viewing Walmart's Collector Shop Online

Metallic silver Shredder Collectible Figure on gray background

Shredder Collectible Figure

Renet collectible figure with blue and yellow headpiece and body suit. She is holding an object in her right hand and her cape boxes her shoulders and flows to the ground.

Renet Collectible Figure

A painting by Bob Ross titled Meadow Lake. It shows a scenic river view with calm water, colorful trees and snowcapped mountains in the background.

Meadow Lake by Bob Ross

A metallic silver Foot Soldier collectible figure on gray background

Foot Soldier Collectible Figure

An autumn painting by Bob Ross. It shows a small creek lined with yellow and orange leafed trees.

Bob Ross Autumn Painting

A winter painting by Bob Ross. It shows the embankment of a pond with a snowy shore, tall evergreen trees and a rocky mountain top in the background.

Bob Ross Winter Painting

Metallic silver Foot Soldier accessories on gray background. Shown are two different swords, a knife, ninja star, nun chucks, two replacement hands and a replacement head.

Foot Soldier Accessories

Renet figure with two replacement heads, three replacement hands, a scroll, a dagger, a scarf and a time scepter.

Renet with Accessories

A comic strip taking you through the steps of AutoT. It reads "Visit the collectibles selection in store and online. Purchase your favorite digital or physical collectibles. Visit and enter the code from your receipt to activate your collectible. After you add the collectible to smart wallet, you can then choose the following. Have the good shipped to you at no cost and enjoy your collection. Or store goods in our secure vault, then keep, sell or trade."

How To Use AutoT

Metallic silver Shredder accessories on gray background. Accessories include two replacement fists, a bow and arrow and scythe on a chain.

Shredder Accessories

A painting by Bob Ross titled Cabin at Sunset. It should a rolling hill field with a worn down cabin and trees behind.

Cabin at Sunset by Bob Ross

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Walkthrough of How To Use AutoT

Walkthrough of How To Use AutoT

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