Walmart has helped pioneer retail innovations in China for 25 years. As we usher in a new era of omnichannel convenience, we remain committed to operating responsibly and helping create better lives for our associates and customers in the communities where we operate.
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Our Business

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Walmart China

Walmart has been a part of China’s retail modernization story since 1996, when we opened a hypermarket and Sam’s Club in Shenzhen. We now serve communities nationwide as a leader in omnichannel retail with more than 400 physical stores in over 170 cities and multiple e-commerce sites, including flagship stores on

Walmart is known in China for its innovation. We were one of the first to roll out a mini program for smartphones that customers can use for scan-and-go shopping in store, online shopping and delivery tracking. Our stores offer one-hour delivery and next-day city-wide delivery via Walmart Daojia and a nationwide network of more than 20 distribution centers. We continue to innovate for the future through our Omega 8 program, with cutting-edge retail tech startups in China.

President & CEO: Xiaojing Christina Zhu
Quick Facts

Walmart Hypermarket
Walmart Hypermarkets are leaders in omnichannel shopping, offering “worry-free” pricing and product bundles that suit changing customer lifestyles. Our stores were among the first to offer online ordering and fast delivery, with particular expertise in fresh foods. We also pioneered the use of blockchain for food traceability, which gives customers access to detailed information about a product’s origin, shipping history, and more.

The exterior of a Sam's Club in China

Sam's Club
China’s Sam’s Clubs offer thousands of high-quality items, many of which can’t be found elsewhere, for in-store, in-app and online sales. They also continue to be exciting destinations, offering unique shopping, dining and entertainment experiences, and more.

China - Our Commitment

Our Commitment

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At Walmart China, we’re committed to operating responsibly and helping create better lives for our associates, customers and communities. We focus on women’s economic empowerment and children’s food safety and nutrition. With a zero-emissions target for 2030, we invest in energy efficiency and integrate sustainability throughout our supply chain. We also leverage our expertise and resources to support local issues, ranging from hunger and education to disaster relief. In 2016, we founded the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center to promote food safety innovation and education in China. Our blockchain-based food traceability platform is among the programs trialed in China and now being applied elsewhere.

View our Environmental, Social & Governance Reporting to learn more about Walmart’s global initiatives.

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