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Asda can trace its roots back to two Yorkshire brothers, Peter and Fred Asquith, and a group of Yorkshire farmers who formed Hindell's Dairies in the 1920s. In 1965, Asquith and Hindell’s Dairies joined forces to become Asda. In 1999, Asda was acquired by Walmart, and has since grown to become Britain's second largest supermarket. In October 2020, Walmart announced an agreement to sell Asda to entrepreneurs Mohsin and Zuber Issa, backed by British private equity firm TDR Capital. The deal is expected to close in the coming months, pending regulatory approvals. Learn more

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Asda President & CEO: Roger Burnley 
Website: www.asda.com  
Total Asda Associates: More than 140,000*
Serves more than 18 million customers each week.
*As of June 2020
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