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Walmart is committed to complying with the applicable customs, trade, and import/export laws and regulations. This commitment includes providing accurate and truthful information to customs authorities and other government agencies about the products we import and export. The trade compliance program focuses on developing standards and controls in key areas including:

  • Service provider and broker management - Walmart utilizes service providers such as customs brokers, transporters, fast parcel operators, consultants, and freight forwarders as service providers in the import and export process. Our markets are expected to develop written procedures dealing with the selection, retention, and engagement of these service providers.
  • Trade sanctions and denied parties - Walmart’s trade and sourcing operations extend to multiple countries and territories across the globe. Walmart markets are restricted from conducting certain trade activities with foreign states, organizations, and individuals that appear on designated trade sanctions and denied party lists. Walmart markets must be aware of and implement measures to comply with trade sanctions laws in the U.S., as well as applicable local laws.
  • Market specific import/export process procedures - Each market created procedures to govern its import/export process in compliance with applicable laws. These market-specific procedures include:

Entry process;
Country of origin;
Communications with customs;
Recordkeeping; and
Admissibility of goods.