Licenses & Permits

Two construction workers outside of a building

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Licenses and permits are required to construct and operate each Walmart facility. Our licensing compliance group secures and maintains the required licenses and permits for over 11,000 facilities worldwide. Our licensing compliance team has professionals in the Walmart Home Office and in each international market office. This group procures and maintains required real estate, construction, and operating licenses and permits related to:

  • Developing property, business facilities, and distribution centers;
  • Owning and operating various global formats including retail, wholesale, fuel station, and manufacturing facilities;
  • Selling merchandise such as food, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals; and
  • Providing specific lines of service, including basic health screenings and online grocery ordering.

Obtaining the right licenses allows us to continue to meet the needs of our customers. The licenses and permits program has documented policies with standards and controls designed to create consistency and accuracy within the license application process. Licensing associates are trained on how to research, procure, and maintain licenses in their respective markets.

Using a proprietary, web-based global license management system, our licensing compliance team documents the payment methods for and facilitates retention of licenses and corporate documentation. Field facility management has access to a global license lookup tool where they can view and print each of the individual licenses required for their particular facility.

To maintain business continuity, our licensing compliance team works with public affairs and business stakeholders to monitor legislative trends, evaluate our program effectiveness, and continuously update associate training to help meet legal requirements.