Consumer Protection

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Walmart is committed to complying with consumer protection laws applicable to its global businesses. Consumer protection laws vary by country and address consumers’ expectation to receive, and retailers’ obligation to provide, a fair environment with accurate and clear information.

Walmart’s commitment to providing clear and accurate information is a key component to maintaining customer trust and loyalty. The consumer protection compliance program focuses on key areas; including:

  • Customer communications and advertising - We review claims and offers made to our customers for clarity and accuracy.
  • Consistent and transparent pricing - In our stores, shelf and advertised prices must match the price charged at checkout. In our eCommerce operations, prices provided on item pages, advertisements, and in confirmation emails must match the cart and checkout prices.
  • Advertising contemplates appropriate product supply - We aim to satisfy anticipated customer demand generated by product advertising or promotions, both in stores and in our eCommerce operations.
  • Accuracy of measurements - We calibrate instruments used to measure products.
  • Customer complaint management - We strive to address customer complaints in a timely and effective manner.
  • Conditions of sale - We sell items according to an item’s conditions of sale, which may include restrictions related to age, time or day of sale, or the item’s placement in the store.
  • eCommerce item setup - We provide support to enable our sellers and merchants to present items for sale online accurately.
  • Warranties - We offer warranties to customers in a clear and transparent way.