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Walmart thrives in competitive markets. Through competition companies are encouraged to raise their game, and the customer wins. Competition encourages lower prices, greater choice, better service, and faster innovation. These goals are consistent with Walmart’s common operating principles of Every Day Low Price and Every Day Low Cost, and our mission of helping people save money so they can live better, every day in every country where we operate.

Restrictive practices that prevent companies from competing, like price fixing among competitors, prevent consumers from receiving the benefits of competition. Engaging in anticompetitive practices is contrary to both Walmart’s Global Competition & Antitrust Policy and Global Statement of Ethics, and is simply not the way we do business.

Walmart therefore is committed to complying with competition and antitrust laws applicable to our global businesses, and we maintain a robust and risk-based antitrust and competition law compliance program. This program includes:

  • Maintaining clear antitrust and competition law compliance policies and procedures in all countries where we operate;
  • Providing current and practical antitrust training to relevant associates, covering both global antitrust standards and market specific rules;
  • Providing associates with clear, confidential and anonymous ways to raise questions or concerns about antitrust or competition law compliance; and
  • Monitoring antitrust and competition law developments worldwide to update and enhance our ongoing compliance initiatives.