More Than Expected

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February 16, 2015
Did you know there’s a place, a place you think you know? But is more than you expect?

An organization that is buying $20 billion from women-owned businesses by 2016, and in one year donated food for 369 million meals to those in need.

It’s a place of neighbors helping neighbors - one that’s quick to help when disaster strikes, and that’s hiring our heroes – so they don’t have to fight for a job after fighting for our country.

It’s a place that creates opportunities for thousands of farmers in Africa, a company that employs more than 60 pilots, nearly 7,000 technology professionals, and 8,000 truck drivers, in addition to meteorologists, pharmacists and everything in between…and is one of the most diverse companies in the country.

A company with an ecommerce powerhouse in Silicon Valley that is perfecting access to affordable products when and where you want them, and a logistics system that would Blow. Your. Mind.

It’s a place...

Where a mom managing a $100 million business can still make it to dinner with her family.

Where there is a strong commitment to U.S. manufacturing,

And where 75% of store management started as hourly associates.

Where in one year, 170,000 people brought home the good news of their promotion to their families. A place for your first job… your retirement job, or the life-long career you've been looking for.

It’s a place you think you know. But do you?

That place…