How Walmart Brazil is helping women like Cosmira Souza Nunes

How Walmart Brazil is helping women like Cosmira Souza Nunes Thumbnail
September 13, 2011
Cosmira Souza Nunes, 38, signed up for the "Women Building Autonomy" program and is now working on the Sam's Club construction site. She lives with her husband and four children in Sao Bernardo do Campo city in Great Sao Palo. Before this job, Cosmira worked as a house cleaner and her husband was unemployed. The idea of working as a bricklayer came to her when she was making improvements to her own home and the bricklayers she hired often abandoned the job. She told her husband that she would like to find a course training female construction workers so she could do the work herself. Thanks to her new work with Walmart, Cosmira says she has a scheduled working day, better salary and defined times for lunch and breaks. 

With plans to invest R$1.2 billion to build 80 new units, Walmart Brazil found a way to help women and, at the same time, address the lack of skilled labor in the civil construction industry. Walmart Brazil has committed to hiring women for construction projects who are graduates of "Women Building Autonomy," a program developed by the city of Sao Bernardo do Campo Department of Policies for Women and the federal government. The first construction site under this new program is a Sam's Club in Sao Paulo. Of the 200 bricklayer positions for this project, more than 50 have already been filled by women workers.

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