The Drive Behind Giti Tire’s Roll into South Carolina

By Jane Incao
October 4, 2017
US Manufacturing factory: Giti Tire

There’s something vibrant about a country whose people make things.

It may sound simple, but it’s true: Sharing what you’ve made instills purpose and pride. It builds communities that are strong.

As part of Walmart’s $250 billion investment in American manufacturing, Giti opened their first U.S. facility in Richburg, South Carolina, this year - creating over 1,700 jobs for production of our exclusive Dextero tires. As Gov. Henry McMaster says in this video, it’s a great testament to the work ethic of people in South Carolina that the world’s largest tire manufacturer decided to make an investment there.

The U.S. manufacturing initiative has been a real victory for workers in South Carolina, like Sylvester. Watch this video for his story.