To Create the Perfect Dog Bone, This Inventor Found Inspiration at Home

By Michael Black
April 11, 2017
Bullibone Imagery

When LeeBob Willingham’s English Bulldog, Boogie, refused to chew on the nylon bones that were supposed to keep him from chewing up the furniture (and his wife’s shoes), LeeBob got to work in his garage to find a solution.

As a mechanical engineer, LeeBob is used to building things that solve problems around the house. After noticing that Boogie stopped chewing because he couldn’t hold on to a normal bone, his first step was to build a mold for nylon bones that have built-in “paw pads” at the base for easy paw gripping. He also flavored his new creation all the way through, unlike many traditional bones that have a sprayed-on flavor coating. After all of his tinkering, the first Bullibone-branded dog toy was born.
We knew that LeeBob was on to something with this product, so we started selling Bullibones in our stores. Now, his bacon-flavored bones are at more than 3,000 locations, and we’re excited to increase that number next year.

Bullibone Imagery

It’s exciting to see Walmart’s commitment to U.S. manufacturing reward American inventors like LeeBob, who are creating innovative solutions to everyday problems – literally, in their own back yards.