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At Trident Case, Aiming for Impact Beyond Your Mobile Device

Live with impact. It’s more than just a tagline for Trident Case.

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Yes, our products will protect your phone or tablet from the impact of a fall, but it goes beyond that. It’s about living with impact in your day-to-day life – making change happen.

Based in Chino, California, our main business is mobile device protection. We have a manufacturing facility in Rancho Cucamonga, not far from our headquarters. In 2010, we started with less than five employees. But because of our focus on producing in the U.S., we’ve been able to add hundreds of jobs – three dozen of those just in the last several months.

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Trident has done business with Walmart and Sam’s Club before, but we saw a real opportunity to work with them during the iPhone 7 launch. We were able to produce the American flag design phone cases and the packaging right here in the U.S. It came together perfectly. Both Walmart and Trident were focused on doing more business in the U.S. Together, we knew we could make even more of an impact.

We’re proud of our business with Walmart. We hold our phone case as a shining example of success. It has opened more doors to expand our manufacturing and get other businesses interested in being part of Walmart’s U.S. manufacturing commitment.

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Making product in the U.S. is, at times, very tough. There are a lot of rules. For example, you can’t use or produce certain types of materials because of environmental regulations. If you can leverage manufacturing facilities that are already in compliance, it makes it a lot easier to produce locally.

Because of our facility, two major name-brand case companies, who currently manufacture exclusively in China, have approached us about bringing their production back to America. It’s exciting to help other companies – our own competitors – realize the benefits of manufacturing here in the U.S.

This year will be our best year yet and U.S. manufacturing plays a big part in that. We announced six new lines of cases at the most recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We’re continuing to innovate and grow.

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Because of our success, we’re able to make more of an impact in our community. Beyond providing jobs, we have programs in place to give back to our local schools and children with special needs. What better way to make an impact than to help those around you be successful?