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One Man’s Role in Preserving a National Pastime

When Darrell Davilla isn’t helping manufacture camping gear, he’s putting it to good use.

Darrell Devilla - Made in America Head Shot

Darrell started enjoying the outdoors when he was a young man. And now nothing makes him happier than taking his grandkids camping on the shores of the lakes around his home in Wichita, Kansas.

He treasures the cold mornings, brewing coffee and cooking for the whole family. “Making breakfast is my favorite part,” he said, patting his stomach, “as you can probably tell.”

As much as he enjoys passing on the traditions of outdoor recreation to his grandchildren, Darrell appreciates his part in keeping alive the tradition of excellence associated with his company, Coleman. “To work for a world-class company that is a top name in the outdoor business … it means a lot.”

An inventory controller, Darrell started working at Coleman when he was just 19 years old. This is his 37th year at the company that makes everything from tents to stoves. From lanterns to furniture, all the way to apparel.  And he’s incredibly grateful for such a firm foundation on which to raise a family.

Whether he’s on a forklift, getting parts into the hands of the men and women on the assembly line, or on a computer, keeping track of inventory, Darrell feels good that quality camping gear, the very gear he uses himself, is making its way to families, often through Walmart stores.

Coleman factory workers

He also appreciates that when Coleman brings manufacturing to the U.S., and when Walmart buys from U.S. companies like Coleman, that it means more jobs all over the country.

From Darrell’s perspective, that translates into more people who have the luxury to take their families on adventures in the great outdoors. Keeping traditions alive, like cooking over a roaring fire.

It’s a cherished part of Darrell’s camping trips with the grandkids.  “Except for making s’mores,” he said. “I’m not too good at that.”