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How BCA is Steering Bikes Back to the U.S.

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For 67 people in Manning, South Carolina, making a living through making things is possible again. Four months ago, Bicycle Corporation of America – a division of Kent International, Inc. – opened its doors, and today the wheels are turning at a steady pace.

More than 3,500 bikes per week are rolling off the shelves and shipped to about 2,000 Walmart stores across the country. Assembly is the main focus for now, but over the next five years, BCA plans to shift into welding and painting, manufacturing rims and other functions that mean about 200 more people will gain work.
Kent International has supplied bikes to Walmart for many years. But their bikes produced in Manning will be the first U.S.-assembled bikes sold in our stores in more than a decade. Watch how they’re making a difference – and why we’re proud to work with them as part of our $250 billion commitment to purchase more products that support American jobs.