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5 Ways We're Investing in American Jobs

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It's been a big year for the U.S. manufacturing movement, and we only expect to see more momentum in the months and years to come. Today, on Manufacturing Day, we're celebrating some of the many U.S. companies who have become Walmart suppliers. Check out these videos to see how we're supporting American jobs, and join the conversation with #MfgDay14.

1. Patrick's powerful story from the Little Tikes factory

Patrick, who works in the Little Tikes factory, tells the story of how having a good job helps him meet his goals and give back to his family. 

2. Chef Jenn's recipe for success

This year, Jennifer McCullough has cooked up nothing but victory. In April, she won Food Network’s reality cooking competition, Cutthroat Kitchen. And in July, she took a chance by attending Walmart’s Open Call for products that support American jobs, where she got more great news: Several of her gourmet frozen food products will soon be sold in our stores.

3. Trash-Ease brings manufacturing jobs to Detroit

Garbage has become pretty golden for John Cundy. In July, he attended Walmart’s Open Call for products that support American jobs, and his creation, Trash-Ease, was chosen by our buyers to soon be added to store shelves

4. Serving up a solution: The Taco Plate

Sometimes, eating hard-shelled tacos can be, well … hard. At least that’s what Hugh Jarratt thought while he was in college, when his tacos repeatedly fell over and spilled. But one day, he used those moments as inspiration to invent a plate with slots to hold tacos upright. This summer, that creativity paid off. 

5. Making a difference in South Carolina with Element Electronics

Element Electronics recently opened a TV production facility in Winnsboro, S.C., that is a great example of how a community can be revitalized when new jobs are created. Check out the video for their story.