News U.S. Manufacturing $250 billion is a big number. Understanding its impact through Greg, Opal and Patrick

$250 billion is a big number. Understanding its impact through Greg, Opal and Patrick


You may have heard of a commitment to American Jobs from Walmart to the tune of $250 billion over 10 years. This is both bold and ambitious. That said, it’s hard for anyone to wrap their heads around just what that means since the numbers are so large. That presented a great opportunity for the Walmart Digital/Social team of which, I am a member.

We decided to apply a “human scale” to this giant initiative by telling the stories of some of the people involved at various factories around the country. We called it “Made by.” Here are a few examples of posts that we shared on our Facebook page.

Greg and Opal


Greg helps develop new products for Little Tikes, a Walmart toy supplier in Hudson, Ohio. In his words, “America has been at the forefront of invention and manufacturing for over 150 years…we should do all we can to support companies who are doing development and manufacturing here in America.” 


Opal is a long-time employee at No nonsense, a Walmart apparel supplier. Her performance and dedication have enabled her to rise to her current role as work leader. Opal knows the value of revitalizing U.S. manufacturing. “So many people need jobs. It’s important to keep jobs over here.”

These are two of many examples, and there are more being created as this initiative, already a year in, gains steam. You can see more people and factories involved via this engaging social media experience: Work is a Beautiful Thing.

The response has been great. The conversations that are happening around this topic are certainly lively as this is such an important issue of our time. We welcome and encourage your joining.


And now for Patrick, this week we added a new video to this evolving story. From the same factory as Greg, Patrick’s story is powerful and we are proud to help share it with the world.

Wow. Patrick’s story makes this program’s large scale more real to us, how about you?