How You Can Help Moosejaw Give More to the Outdoors

By Dan Pingree
Moosejaw Chief Marketing Officer
November 28, 2017
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The outdoors have always been a part of my life.

Growing up in Utah, being outside was just what we did. From being active in Boy Scouts, to skiing, to camping with my dad, enjoying nature shaped who I am. It’s driven me to make sure others can enjoy the outdoors as much as I have – and still do.

Snowbird skiing picture

I was lucky to grow up in a state with five national parks. Not everyone has that in his or her backyard. But I hope to help change that. Moosejaw, where I work, strives to be the most fun outdoor retailer on the planet. Plain and simple, we just want to have fun and help you have fun in the coolest, most beautiful places in the world. Whether that’s walking or base jumping or anything in between – I encourage everyone to just get outside.

Earlier this year, Moosejaw joined the , whose mission is to protect and restore America’s wild places. Already, the Alliance has helped protect 50 million acres and 2,991 river miles, removed or halted 29 dams, purchased 12 climbing areas and designated five marine reserves. Their work keeps these lands available for everyone to enjoy, without fear of them being sold or developed.
Today, which happens to be Giving Tuesday, is showing support for these beautiful habitats by participating in the Alliance’s “” campaign. As people shop, the more they spend, the more they’ll get back (in the form of a gift card) and the more will go toward protecting the environment. Moosejaw will donate 10% of its gift card promo sales on Giving Tuesday to the Alliance, and 100% of that money will go to a grant fund to protect lands across the U.S. And maybe, just maybe, it will encourage even more people to get outside and enjoy the places they’re helping protect.

I’m very fortunate to have had great access to the outdoors my whole life. To me, there’s no more important work than preserving these habitats for generations to come. Now, who’s up for a hike?