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A Simple Way to Shop More Sustainably

This week, Walmart is proud to unveil our new Sustainability Leaders shop on

This dedicated area within our eCommerce site makes it easier for our customers to find—and purchase — products made by companies that have scored well in our Sustainability Index.

This is a big step in helping our customers see which brands and suppliers are leading the way in sustainability, so they can shop with a purpose.

Our customers love our low prices, and they have made it very clear that they expect much more: They want to know where products come from, and how they were produced.

One of the most exciting aspects of this new shop is that it represents a coming together of our very best resources. New technologies are fueling advances in sustainability.

With Walmart Global eCommerce, a full-scale Silicon Valley technology company is being built inside the world’s largest retailer. Having our digital operations in-house allows us to do big things that improve people’s lives.

Our Global eCommerce associates are very talented, and they are working here because they want to make a difference. They are proud to work for a company that solves problems on a large scale, and does business in a way that is sustainable for itself and for the planet.

Through technology, we are able to better serve our customers, build trust with them, and empower them to be part of the solution.

This is a special moment, where the work we’ve been doing is coming together with Walmart’s strengths for good.

Although the Sustainability Leaders shop does not make representations regarding the individual product’s environmental or social impact, the manufacturer and category level approach is intended to help customers identify companies leading in sustainability. Get more information here.