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Our Food Pledge to YOU

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In 1962, Walmart began with a simple but radical idea: bringing small, underserved communities the same products and prices that were available in big cities. Today, that principle is at the core of our grocery business. Because of Walmart, millions of families worldwide have access to healthier foods at a price they can afford.

YOU—our customer—have told us that in 2014 and beyond, you expect more than just quality food at low prices. You also want to know where your food came from, how it was produced, and what it contains. You expect more convenient access to affordable, healthier choices. And you expect us to use our strengths to help create a more sustainable food system for the environment and for people.

October is Global Food Month. We are celebrating our progress on food, and challenging ourselves and our partners to go further and faster.  I wanted to take a moment to convey our sustainable food pledge to you, our customers: 

1. HEALTHIER: We will continue to make healthy eating easier.

Healthy eating should not be a luxury. We are proud that our low prices allow millions of families to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of relying on foods high in fat, sodium, and preservatives, and we can do even more.

Starting in 2015, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation will provide nutrition education to 4 million U.S. households. Walmart has also reduced sodium in our Great Value brand, Marketside, and national food brand products by more than 13%, and sugar by more than 10%. Our “Great for You” icon helps you quickly identify healthier options.

2. ACCESSIBLE: We are helping those who don’t have enough.

To fight hunger, we aim to provide 4 billion healthier meals to those who need them in the U.S. over the next five years. 
Since announcing our Fighting Hunger Together commitment in 2010, Walmart has already donated more than 1.5 billion pounds of food.

3. SAFE & TRANSPARENT: We will show you where the food on our shelves came from.

A transparent food chain fosters improved food safety, worker safety, and animal welfare. We will work to provide more information and transparency about the products on our shelves – so you can see where an item came from, how it was made, and decode the ingredient label.

4. TRULY AFFORDABLE: We will continue to reduce the “true cost” of food.

Food production will need to roughly double by 2050 to keep up with global population growth and diet trends. Working with supplier companies and others, we will provide increasing visibility over the next 10 years to agricultural yields, greenhouse gas emissions, and water usage, and drive adoption of best practices in sustainable agriculture.

Walmart cares deeply about the food that’s available to you, both today and into the future. You are our one and only “boss,” and we exist to serve you.

- Doug