News Opportunity Last Year, Dwight Was Promoted in Public – Where is He Now?

Last Year, Dwight Was Promoted in Public – Where is He Now?

I’d like to introduce you to Dwight Blanton. He’s a true citizen of the community, giving back in so many ways.

Three men talk and laugh together in a Walmart store

He volunteers at his local homeless shelter. He is a veteran, still serving in the Army Reserve. He’s a college student and a recipient of a Walmart Scholarship. Even with all of that, he still has the time and passion to serve customers at his day job – something he’s pretty well-known for at the supercenter where he works in Cabot, Arkansas.

A year ago, Dwight was working at a supercenter in nearby Jacksonville, Arkansas, when he was invited to Walmart’s annual shareholders’ meeting. This meeting brings together thousands of our associates from around the world, and Dwight got a special surprise in front of them all. He was promoted to an assistant store manager. Now, it’s pretty awesome to get a promotion, but not many of us get to share that joy with thousands of coworkers … and get the news delivered straight from the CEO.

Associate Dwight celebrates being promoted to Assistant Manager by Doug McMillon

We wanted to check in with Dwight to see what his journey has been like over the past year. So we met up with him to find out.

Bo: What was it like being on that stage, in a packed arena, being promoted by our CEO Doug McMillon? What’s your life been like since your promotion?
Dwight: Honestly, it was shocking. I thought it was just a normal trip. They made sure I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was definitely surprised. Since the promotion, it’s been exciting. It’s made me want to strive for more and more. I’ve been taken to a whole new level as far as helping customers and getting involved even more with the community.

Bo: Speaking of community, we learned during the shareholders’ meeting that you’re very involved in a lot of things outside of work. How’s that been for the past year?
Dwight: I still volunteer with the homeless shelter. I serve in the Army Reserves and was recently promoted there, too. That’s been exciting. I’m still going to school at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where I’m working on my bachelor’s degree in health care promotions and a minor in psychology.

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Bo: What do you like so much about being an assistant manager?
Dwight: I like the teamwork atmosphere – always being able to work together and accomplish one goal. When you face a challenge or a goal is set, sometimes you feel like you have to take it on yourself. I came here with the mindset to do it all on my own, but it takes everyone to accomplish goals and overcome challenges. You’re not going to be able to move forward alone. From the cart pusher up to the CEO, everyone has an important role.

Bo: What advice would you give to other associates looking to get promoted?
Dwight: Never give up. Never quit. I got that mindset from being in the military. I’ve faced a lot of challenges, but I know I can get through it if I just keep going.

Bo: What keeps you coming in every day and giving it your best?
Dwight: I have a passion for the customers and the associates. They make us. When I see our associates giving it their all when they have so much going on in their own lives, it inspires me. I have a Walmart stamp on me. People look at me and see Walmart and that makes me proud.

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Bo: What’s the next step on your journey?
Dwight: I definitely have store co-manager in my mind. I always want to go to the next level, so I’m accepting the challenge. What I love about this company is that I can do anything and go anywhere. I want to travel and I know I can do that with Walmart – from here to the home office to anywhere in the country. I’ve always had an interest in drama, so maybe one day I’ll even be a Walmart Radio DJ.

Bo: It was great getting to catch up with Dwight. It’s exciting to hear his story, as well as the successes of so many other associates across the U.S. Dwight is just one example of Walmart’s commitment to help our people do more and achieve more – check out this video to see just what that’s meant over the past two years.